Friday, August 20

They Call Her Red.

I have a slight obsession with the colour red, seriously it's three parts reasoning, one part obsession. It's not even my favourite colour, most of the time when I'm not wearing it I find it a bit harsh. But for some reason the minute I go shopping I can't help but be drawn to something in bright red.

Ok, to be fair it's normally a specific shade of red, but still it really is the most common type. 

I hate that orangey red, which if you stare at it too long just becomes a really deep orange. I hate brick red, which is essentially brown. No, they're the fakers. They aren't even red, they just want to be red. Some days I may take exception and really enjoy a deep burgundy shade, but some days that's just purple isn't it? The red I love, the only true red, is Scarlet. Scarlet. It even sounds how it looks - opulent, intense and flamboyant. I love it. That's a real red.

So what are the three parts reasoning of why I love red so much? I shall tell you.

Firstly, Little Red Riding Hood. 

I loved fairy tales when I was younger (and still now), loved them. There were some I didn't really enjoy (Jack and The Beanstalk, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Rapunzel to name a few), but some I really loved. One of them was Little Red Riding Hood. I loved every slight variation of the character of Little Red Riding Hood - I later read Clever Polly and The Stupid Wolf, Lucy and the Big Bad Wolf and Carol Ann Duffy's Little Red Cap poem. I even liked that 'Hoodwinked' film, despite being terrified by the Moomins, I had a strange fascination with Little My and I was always mesmerised by this advert every time it was on tv. Sometimes I'd wonder what her name was or wonder why on earth her mum and her Grandmother lived on either side of a deep, dark wood. Most of the time though, I'd think about her red cloak, for which she became known as Little Red Riding Hood. Some day's I'd imagine it as a big red poncho, some it would be a duffle coat, a pea coat or a superman type cape. I always thought about that hooded 'thing' and how much I'd love one - I think I bought every variation I could imagine, and then I was made one two years ago, when I went to a Hallowe'en party as Little Red Riding Hood - a bright red hooded cape with brown buttons. I love that cape so much so that I'm either going to attend every Hallowe'en party as Red Riding Hood or I'm going to have to invent characters who just happen to be wearing a red cape!


The Wizard of Oz. If you didn't see that one coming, shame on you! I love this film. Like a lot of people, I've seen The Wizard of Oz a bajillion times since childhood. Although, I'll admit I was a little scared of it (that was until I watched the Return to Oz, which simply can't be a children's film as it's absolutely terrifying, once I'd watched that, the original became a walk in the park to watch!). But despite the creepiness, I loved this film. Funnily enough when I studied The World's Wife by Carol Ann Duffy, which featured the poem I mentioned above (Little Red Cap), we were set a task to write our own 'World's Wife' type poem and I chose to write mine on Dorothy. Just like 'Little Red Riding Hood' I even loved the variations of it - that can be the only reason, despite being terrified of it, I'll watch Return to Oz every time it's on the television, I've watched The Wiz more times than a normal person should, I even watched The Muppet's version and the cartoon tv series. Although, the variation I'm most excited about watching is Wicked, whenI go for my birthday in October. This film sparked a love of so many things for me: poppies, blue gingham, baskets, little scruffy dogs and emeralds, but most importantly shiny red shoes. I have far too many pairs to count or even name individually (I mean describe - I don't name my shoes, that would be weird), I try to wear them on all my special occasions, even the not so special ones and I'm always slightly upset when I can't work them into an outfit. They make me smile every time I look down and see that glint of red - I feel like dancing and skipping down the road just like Dorothy!

Finally, my Mum. When I was younger, I always liked asking my mum questions about her favourite things, one of which was 'what was her favourite colour', and she'd always answer 'red'. If I'm honest I'd never really have to ask her that question really, as so much of my wardrobe was filled with red clothes. I had a red, velvet beret that I'd wear in winter, with a red coat (with a snow leopard faux fur hood). I had a pair of red shoes that I'd wear with red trousers and a red and white striped breton top. I even had a red and white polka dot swimsuit with a red swimming cap. But do you know what? I couldn't stand them, at all. I hated the colour red. I hated the fact that my Mum made me wear that stupid red coat with the matching hat (and sometimes gloves and scarf!). Hated it. Then my Mum stopped buying me red and I gradually grew out of the red clothes, until I had clothes of ever other colour. Yet, one day a few years later we were out shopping and I saw a coat, a red coat. It reminded me of that red coat I had when I was younger "Do you remember that coat mum? I really loved it." I'd wear it to school every day, with that red velvet hat. So I bought it. Then I saw red shoes, red bags, red tops, red trousers, red dresses... and so, it began again.

And those are the three reasons I came to love the colour red. The final part, the obsession, I can't really explain - maybe it's how I feel when I wear red. In the winter when there's a sea of black and grey coats, I feel unique. Sometimes when I see someone else in a red coat, I'll give them a knowing smile. Sometimes I feel like dancing and jumping and clicking my heels together. Or sometimes I'll smile, and look at my little piece of red and think of the reasons I love it so much.

Do you have a strong connection with any colours, or just have a colour that you love to wear?


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