Tuesday, September 14

I'm Selling These Fine Leather Jackets.


Technology is apparently quite annoyed with me this month (apparently it's something to do with Mercury going backwards).

Firstly, my laptop power cable has, sort of, given up the ghost and packed in. I say 'sort-of' because at the most awkward of times it will start charging forcing me to sit in the interesting (and sometimes painful) positions. My life has become one of those cartoons of people attacking computers with hammers and throwing them out of windows, except all I can muster is a few disapproving glances. I'm currently relying on my mum's laptop and the other computers in the house, which although I'm extremely greatful to my mum, is equally frustrating - once you go mac, it's extremely difficult to go back. As a result I'm relying a lot on my Iphone, which it's not taking to very kindly to at all. Even more so now that I've downloaded Monkey Island 2: Special Edition (hence the title). My Iphone battery apparently doesn't like Monkey Island, it doesn't like the Style.com app, it's sort-of cool with googlemail and me playing music - as long as I don't take too long. It however, really doesn't like me that much, that can be the only reason it seems to permanently be at 20%. 

Apple, I love you, but I don't have to like you right now.

Hopefully this will explain my absence - without my computer I'm a bit lost. 

Despite the lack of co-operation from technology, I will be contributing over at Life. Live It. for a few months, which is terribly exciting. Life .Live It. is a British Red Cross campaign to educate 11-16 year olds about first-aid through teaching young and pre-teens how to cope in a crisis or help a mate who may need their assistance. The blog will also feature stuff about sport, music, fashion, dance and film. Which is where I come in (minus the sport part, because, seriously?). So if you have a chance go and have a look. 

There is a new power cable currently winging it's way to me, so hopefully I won't be away for much longer!


  1. Love Phoebe!

    Technology can be quite fickle! I'm rubbish with them it seems. Hope you get things fixed, and up and running soon!


  2. I;m not a huge Friends fan but I can't stop myself watching Phoebe filled episodes - I love her!

    Thanks Abi!


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