Tuesday, October 19

New Shoes?!

As I mentioned, on Saturday it was my birthday and I spent the weekend in London to see Wicked at the Apollo Theatre. Obviously the highlight of my time was seeing Wicked, but slightly less highlighted was something just as exciting.

I have been eyeing a certain website for just under a year  now. It's a website filled with the most gorgeously styled and coloured shoes. The problem is, I can not buy shoes online. Unless I want to spend weeks sending shoes back and forth in the post until I get the correct size, it is impossible for me to buy them online. So up until now I've been regularly scouring the online store wistfully. That all came to an end after my brief trip to London, and my shoe filled trip to Kate Kanzier.

You'll be excused for possibly not knowing about Kate Kanzier, it's a pretty well kept secret! We took the tube to Chancery Lane, and then used good old Google Maps on my phone to find Leather Lane. I'm assuming something normally happens on Leather Lane (on days that aren't Saturday, perhaps?), but when we went it was eerily quiet - every single shop we passed was shut; restaurants, Pret, Clintons, WH Smiths... all closed! And then we got to Kate. With it's quiet setting and blacked out windows, this is possibly one of the most unassuming shops I've seen.



Inside,  it's a bit of a beautiful shoe paradise, filled with rainbow colored delights, that actually sounds incredibly cheesy and cutesy, like I'm going to burst into "Candy Man", but I was that happy. They have so many shoes (and bags), in so many colours, that you are quite honestly spoilt for choice, but the minute I saw mine I just knew. 

You all know my love affair with  the colour red, and these, maroon marissa's, were like a homing beacon - I tried on a couple of other styles and colours, but the minute I put them on my feet I knew that we were meant to be together. 

Unfortunately, having bought these ones just means that I want more! These are some of my favourites.

(Green, Luella. Brown, Jacqueline. Brown, Arabella. Orange, Penelope.)

The best part is that now I can order online - I may have to set aside a Kate Kanzier section in my wardrobe for all the things I'm planning to buy!

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