Tuesday, October 12

Reasons Why I Love McFly


McFly are occasionally better known as (clockwise from top left) Danny from McFly, Tom from Mcfly, Dougie from McFly and Harry from McFly. They are a multi-award winning, multi-number 1 gaining pop-rock band from the UK. In the beginning they came in the wake of, sort of similar band, Busted's success (Tom auditioned for Busted and McFly supported Busted on tour), now they've surpassed that comparison so much, that it seems funny to compare the two now. Regardless, I've loved them right from the start. I've talked about why I love McFly before, but I think it's about time I honoured them with their own post, explaining quite why I love them.

They're all my age.

At some point in your life you reach that strange age when famous people are the same age as you (or, shock horror, younger) and honestly it's a bit unnerving. McFly have always been my age (yes, I know that's not likely to change), I've liked them from when their first single came out right up to, well, now. As they've grown as musicians (or as their music has grown), I've sort of grown up with them. That's what's quite nice, I can sort of relate to the music they write or least what they are trying to say, because I'm right there experiencing it too.

Sometimes they'll write a song and it just, fits.

There's a quote from My So Called Life that sort of explains what I mean by this: "Sometimes someone says something really small and it just fits into this empty place in your heart" - I'm going to get slightly sentimental here, but sometimes they write a song and it's the sweetest, most unpretentious little song that just fits. McFly songs are like a big, furry blanket - you envelop yourself in them, they make you feel warm inside and they make you smile because, although there are probably other more complicated ways to keep yourself warm, this is most fun and you know it'll always work. 

They're all really quite attractive

I mentioned to my friend recently that I wasn't sure I liked McFly as much I used to because "They all seem very aware of how lovely their faces and biceps are at the moment". Although, if I'm honest, it doesn't bother me that much (if at all). I think I've shared my love of Dougie quite a bit, he's always been the one who (rather reluctantly) wins awards for being super pretty, but now they've all steadily got more and more attractive (Tom especially), I'll be honest it doesn't offend me as much as I suggest. I mean, did you see the Attitude shoot?

They Have Fun

Example: Did you know that there is a lot of McFly slash fanfiction on the internet? Yeah, not going to lie, I did. My personal favourites are the ones based on Pudd (that would be Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd based fanfiction). You know who else embraces/enjoys McFly fancfiction? McFly. A lot of musicians (a lot people) take themselves far too seriously, whereas with McFly you sort of get the idea that they take it in their stride. they love what they do and they enjoy it too. 

They love their fans

Fair enough they haven't developed any quirky, not-so-secret hand signals in order to communicate with their fans. Nevertheless, how else do you explain their incredibly tricked out new official website (which is currently being re-developed after it's original launch, because of too much traffic). They've also embraced social media like fiends, with all of the boys having Twitter and Tumblr accounts with which they regularly interact with their followers (and each other). I know some of you will be cynical and say it's all to do with marketing, but even if it is, it's a nice touch and they doing it quite well, because here I am a McFly fan blogging about how lovely they are.

The boy's new single 'Shine a Light', which for what it's worth I also love, is available to download on the 7th November.

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