Tuesday, November 30

Dear Snow, Bugger off.

Apparently we're having one of the coldest November's since 1985 right now, or something equally 'facty' that the MET Office make up for their own entertainment, because I honestly can't see why it's vaguely relevant. Maybe it's because I wasn't born until two years later, but all I'm bothered about is that it's snowing, in November, snow.

Let me get this out of the way, I hate snow. Genuinely hate it. I hated it when I was a child and I hate it now.  I hate it when people call it 'fluffy'; Fluffy suggests warmth and general fuzziness - snow is neither of these things, snow is cold and wet. Most of all I hate it when people call it 'Christmassy'. Snow isn't christmassy, snow is something that happens around the time that it's Christmas (mostly after, more often than not, on every day other than Christmas Day), a lot of people get hypothermia over Christmas time, but I don't see anyone calling that 'christmassy'. Snow is awful.

With all that mind, consider this; My (favourite) winter boots broke last week. Ok, to say they broke last week is being a little generous, they actually broke last year, but they weren't quite broken enough for me to stop wearing them. But now my favourite shoes are in fact dunzo, and I'm going to have to buy new ones.

I'm one of those people who loves shopping for things they don't need - pink fluffy things, flowery things, sparkly things, red glitter, any glitter? I've got those in abundance - the things I do need however, I can't stand shopping for. I am a bit of a perfectionist with my shoes, like Cinderella (or Goldilocks, I can't remember), they have to be just right. Which is why I know it's going to take a miracle for me to actually get a new pair of boots this Winter; I'll spend many shopping trips pre and post christmas hunting for the perfect boots (which by the way, don't exist), then all of a sudden it'll be March and I'll be hunting the perfect light Spring jacket, just like I have been doing for the past 3 years. The only way I'm getting a new pair of boots, that I will actually wear and not complain about, is if someone else buys them for me (dear reader, that is your 'Eureka' moment). So if you wanted to save me the disappointment and save all those who shop with me from extremely long shopping trips going from shoe shop-to-shoe shop - here is an idea of the boots I love right at this minute*.

Top Row, From Left:
Dr Martens 1b60 Boot, Cherry Red - £120 
Belle Siegerson Morrison Suede Boots - $247.50
Charles David Regiment Boots - $352

Bottom Row, From Left:
Georgie Leather Knee High Boots - £60
Giddy Up Leather Long Riding Boot - £65
Rogan Leather Riding Boot - £160

*my favourites are the one's in the bottom left corner, so much so that I'm actually thinking of buying them!


  1. any online shoe shop from where I could buy these shoes

  2. Hi, I have put links to all the boots I've featured just under the picture. Although if all else fails try Aldo or ASOS, as they always have a good selection and ship to quite a few places.


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