Tuesday, November 16

I Want To See This Film

Released: 17th December (UK)

Want doesn't even cut it. I need to see this film. Love musicals. Love sparkly-glittery dance numbers/clothes. Love a bit of a burlesque. Love Cher. Love Kristen Bell (thanks to Veronica Mars) and love, love, love Aggy. 

So far seeing the trailer and the previews, it reminds me of Showgirls and Glitter, with a little 'Chicago'/'Cabaret' jazz-handedness thrown in (as well as a bucket-load of glitter and feathers, might I add). 'Burlesque' could be one of two things; a terribly over-dramatic mess or surprisingly good with an excellent acting performance from Aggy. Either way this will be the best film to grace our screens since, well, Showgirls or Glitter.

(A Couple of Song Previews After The Jump)

'I'm A Good Girl'

'Welcome To Burlesque'

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