Friday, November 12

Thank you.

When I started writing this blog, about four years ago now, it was because at the time I wanted to be a journalist. I remember asking a friend of my Mum's, who is/was a radio DJ, her opinion of how I could become a journalist too. She asked me if I wrote regularly, like on an 'every-other-day' basis and I said that 'no' I didn't, she replied that I should be writing all the time - otherwise I can't want to be one as much as I implied (granted those probably weren't her exact words, I probably just remember what she said that harshly because 15 year old me never quite took to criticism well, quite like 23 year old me to be honest). So, I set up this blog, almost as an attempt to say "well, screw you Ms Radio DJ. I actually do quite want this".

I did not even consider whilst scouring my Itunes for a name for my blog* that people would even read it other than my mum (some days I don't even think she reads it). Fast forward to a few months ago and the newest update of Blogger with which they introduce the 'Stats' page, and I find out that there are actually quite a few of you coming here from all other the place to read all the nonsense I write - some places I even had to Google search (Geography was never my strong point). So I know I've never really said it before (I didn't really know I had to), but thank you, so much - I remain to be astounded, but I'm also incredibly grateful. 

So, seriously, thank you (you too Mum).

* 'pocketful of starlight' is a line from Catch a Falling Star by Perry Como and 'Oh, Such a Primadonna' is a line from 'Gotta Have You' by The Weepies.

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