Friday, December 17

Little Doodles

I have a bit of an obsession with a lot of things that I can't do. Of the multitude of things, one of the biggest ones that I would love to do is fashion drawing. The thing with fashion drawing is that a lot of people think they can do it with a guideline and an idea, but of course doing it that way makes your designs look completely uninteresting and generic. Whereas the really good ones have a bit of 'flair' and identity, sometimes reminding you of the designer/brand itself (my Mum still has her drawings from her fashion degree and they always remind me of pictures of her when she was younger). So while I continue to find my own identity when I'm drawing, I love to admire other people's.

The thing I love about fashion drawing is the sketchy, unfinished quality they have - like it's just popped out of someone's head mid-thought and landed on the paper. Which is probably why I'm taken with illustrations like Fifi Lapin, Birdy & Me and especially, Little Doodles.

Little Doodles are the creations of London based illustrator Kate Wilson, 24 year old University of the Arts graduate. 

Kate immerses herself in the illustrative world of her "Little Doodles." Whether it be the clasp of a quirky handbag being sported by a fashionista on the streets to the perfect cupcake in a patisserie window, the little details that often pass people by play the biggest infleunce on Kate's work. 

I just love the basic lines of Kate's illustrations paired together with the gorgeous colours (and the sort of clueless expressions on the people) - they're just really simple, but as she describes a bit 'whimsical and quirky'. I particularly love the illustrations she does with the plump little birds!

More from Little Doodles.

(all images via Little Doodles)

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