Saturday, December 4

Wish, Wish, Wish(list).

It's that time of year where bloggers advise you as to what gifts to buy your loved ones for Christmas, or at least give vague advice about what they'd buy for themselves if they decided to go Christmas shopping. I decided to go with the latter, because I couldn't possibly tell you what your friends and family want - half the time I don't know what I want!

I can't believe there are only 21 days to go until Christmas, I'm not sure how many shopping days there are though, to be honest I loathe it when people tell you how many shopping days there are - it ruins the jolliness when there are super stressed people dashing around town. If I must go shopping at this time of year I normally end up buying one of two things - something warm and snuggly or something sparkly and pretty; This normally entails me buying party dresses, wooly jumpers or glitter, and lots of it!

1. Miss Selfridge, 2. Topshop, 3. Miss Selfridge, 4. Topshop.

>I don't care if there are any parties or special occasions to go to I will need to wear a super, pretty dress at every opportune moment the shiny/glitzy/velvety/swishy the better really.

1. French Connection, 2. Accessorize, 3. Sonia Rykiel, 4. Topshop

It's snowing quite a bit, we've established this, it's also incredibly cold. Which means that right now all I want to do is stay in bed wrapped up in layers and layers of blankets. Obviously I can't do this (well, not at least everyday), so the next best thing is wrapping myself in super warm, fluffy layers of clothing.

1. Topshop, 2. Accessorize, 3. Topshop, 4. Rock 'n' Rose, 5. Lily Flame, 6. Modelsownit

Sparklies! I don't really think I'm an overly girly person (or at least overtly), but the minute you show me something glittery (preferably pink or red) I turn into a giggly, squealing mess.

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