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Gleecap - "Audition"

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The worst kept secret that I mentioned before? Yup, this is it. I mentioned in passing that I wanted to try doing some television recaps, I asked a few people their opinions and the reply was a resounding yes, so this is my very first Gleecap! 

Before I start I should tell you a little bit about my love for Glee - who I like, who I don't like, my favourite songs  etc. So, let me get this out of the way, first and foremost; I do not like Rachel and her weekly proclamations that she is the best singer in the club. So if you were hoping for lots of pro-Rachel comments you're in the wrong place. Who do I love? Ignoring the obvious (Sue Sylvester), I love Brittany and Santana a lot, together, apart, love them. I love Quinn - I like how she developed in the last series, how they approached her insecurities and how she became such a sweet person. I love, like most people, Kurt and Mercedes (although I wish they'd give Mercedes a story that doesn't involve her weight. Finally I love Puck, he is what I'd call 'a bit hot'. My favourite song is probably either 'To Sir With Love', because it's one of my favourite songs in general or 'Good Vibrations', not only because it gave me an excuse to watch the original Marky-Mark video on Youtube. Who are your favourite/least favourite characters? Do you have a favourite song?

Series 2, Episode 1 - "Audition"

'Audition' follows the New Directions after their loss at Regionals to Vocal Adrenaline. Remaining outcasts at school and down one member (after Matt 'black guy who doesn't talk' transfers). Mr Schuester encourages the club to recruit new members to enhance their performances in the hope of making their way to Nationals in New York.

(my recap, after the jump - contains spoilers)
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 The episode starts out addressing a lot of the comments made on Glee forums across the Internet. Referencing things like Mr Schue's rapping, that the show is 'glorified karaoke' perfected with auto-tune and Lea Michele's (alleged) diva tendencies. Hopefully this is not just Glee being it's incredibly self-aware self, but a show that the writer's actually listen to viewer's comments - and fingers crossed will address a few of them. this series

A lot seems to of happened over the summer break for the Glee clubbers; Rachel and Finn are dating, Mike Chang and Tina are dating, Will and Sue are friends, Matt transferred, Quinn is 'a lot less hormonal' having given birth, Santana appears to have grown in the 'chest area' and Puck got a vasectomy. The one thing that still hasn't changed (other than Brittany's glorious simple mindedness) is that the glee clubbers are still completely loserriffic, or as Kurt puts it "Glee is a giant ball of suck" and they still can't get anyone else to join their club.

Let's start with the whole 'Sue and Will' are friends now thing. I'm guessing this started when Sue showed some unexpected compassion at the end of the last series and got Glee club 'one more year'. Even so, it's a little odd, don't you think? Anyway, Sue offers Will a little friendly advice and suggests he goes against his regular recruitment method of 'anyone who signs-up gets in' and instead make everyone audition, like the Cheerios.
There's been a line of would-be Cheerios out there since late July. I guess they lost their humanity a little bit. One girl ate a pigeon. Several others started worshiping a possum carcass as their lord. That's how much they want to be Cheerios.
Sue and Will continue with their bond when they both find out their budgets are to be cut to give more money to the football team, and their new coach, Coach Beiste. United in their friendship the pair set out to make Coach Beiste's life a bit of a nightmare with a series of actually quite mean pranks. I genuinely felt quite bad for Coach Beiste, maybe I'm a little over-sensitive but the meanness made me feel quite uncomfortable (especially the Mean Girls-esque 'you can't sit here' scene)- maybe it's the result of being in those sort of new situations before, whilst desperately trying to make friends or maybe Dot Marie Jones is just a really good actress - but it was a bit upsetting, although it definitely warmed me to her character faster than anyone else.

Glee: Meet The New Faces Of New Directions
On to the first song of the new series. The Glee clubbers do a pretty good rendition of Jay-z and Alicia Keys' Empire State of Mind, in the McKinley High courtyard, in an attempt to muster up some interest, and hopefully a couple of new members. What were your thoughts on this song? Pretty clever to hook people in with one of the most popular songs from last year, huh? I can't say it's my favourite Glee song so far (I'm still not sold when anyone raps to be honest), but it was kind of fun and as always Mercedes sounded awesome (when trotted out to sing the high notes). I did find it hard to believe that only two people in the entire courtyard managed to be interested in what was happening, but I suppose that was sort of the point. The Glee club are so inconsequential that everyone, except the new students, have learnt to block them out - I loved their bemused looks at the end!

After he spots new school transfer Sam Evans (played by Chord Overstreet) enjoying 'Empire...', Finn attempts to recruit him to New Directions - discovering his voice in the same way Mr Schue discovered him in the beginning of last series - singing a power ballad in the locker room showers. Yup, still weird, but at least Finn acknowledges the weirdness. Finn invites Sam to 'hang' with the other Glee guys and they perform 'Billionaire' by Travie McCoy. I really liked this version, granted I only became aware of this song recently, but I love it when they do relaxed, 'jam' type performances (like 'Ride Wit Me' and 'Sweet Caroline' last series) rather than the on-stage performances. What are your thoughts on Sam?  He really does have quite a large mouth and Bieber hair, doesn't he? At the moment I find him a little bit dull, but he's yet to get any plot line other than being the new guy, so maybe he'll become interesting later on. He did mention his dyslexia and I can't imagine them mentioning that without making it part of the story somewhere down the line.

Rachel also spies a new recruit in the form of Sunshine Corazon, a Filipino exchange student (Other, Other Asian?). Although, in true Rachel fashion she got a little egomaniacal and the two (or one - Sunshine seemed blissfully unaware) ended up having a 'sing-off' to Lady Gaga's 'Telephone' in the girl's toilet, as you do. Sue pretty much echoed my thoughts about this song when she stormed in and told them to "Shut up!". It was part me not liking Rachel and partly because this song seemed a little misplaced - I get that Glee love Gaga and that it's a duet, but I think they could of chosen something a little more 'sing-off' appropriate, whatever that would be. Plus, it was a little creepy.

Obviously threatened by Sunshine's talent, Rachel attempts to manipulate her other spotlight-hungry gleemates, Kurt and Mercedes, into wanting to oust Sunshine (that just made me giggle for no apparent reason). Although, they insist Rachel encourage her to audition as they need the talent. So naturally, Rachel gives her directions to a nearby crack-den instead of the McKinley High auditorium, naturally - Is Rachel honestly that desperate for the solos that she gets every episode anyway? Later everyone remembers that Rachel is in fact a bit of a diva and find out what she did. Sunshine is offered a real chance to audition, and she pretty much waltzes her way into New Directions with 'Listen' from Dreamgirls, which despite the slight auto-tuneyness, I loved (as Rachel would say "It's my go to shower song"). Alas, it was all in vain as Sunshine is poached by the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline (surely Sunshine is too, well, sunshiney to join them?) for a green card and a condo. Are you pleased there won't be anymore Sunshine for a few weeks? I found her a little too 'peppy', although I suppose that's Glee's raison d'etre. Do you think she will pose as much of a threat to New Directions as Jesse St James did when he was in New Directions? (And Is just me who misses Jesse St James an awful lot?).

In old character news, Asian (Tina) and Other Asian (Mike Chang) are dating after spending lots of (Asian time) at Asian Camp (with Mike Chang's glorious abs). Did I mention they're Asian? Asian. Do you think Asian camp is actually a thing, or just Artie's manifestation of their relationship? How long until the 'Asian' jokes wear a bit thin? Anyway, in attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend (who he actually wasn't at all nice to), Artie convinces Finn to help him join the football team. Unfortunately, Coach Beist takes it personally after all the Will and Sue meaness and kicks Finn off the football team - making Sam the new quarterback and now far too cool and insecure about his coolness to be in Glee anymore.


Santana got a boob job and is therefore no longer head cheerleader. Which leads the way for Quinn to be reinstated as head cheerleader, due to all that awesomeness she's got going on and something else which I forgot. This of course brings out all of Santana's crazy (which we saw hints of last series) and the girls fight in the hallways - what I loved about this scene? The lack of hair pulling and scratching girl-on-girl action, rolling around on top of each other type fight for the boys.This was a proper, emotional/angry fists-up fight.

In the end, Will makes up with Coach Beist and angers Sue, so back to hating each other for those two. Also, Finn gets Rachel to admit that she didn't treat Sunshine the way she did for her love of Glee, but for love of being in the spotlight - "You did it because you love yourself more". Aaand of course, Rachel gets to close the show with the showstopper "What I Did for Love" from A Chorus Line, which really should of been renamed, especially for Rachel "What I Did To Satisfy My Own Insecurities and My Desperate Need To Be In The Spotlight". This just encouraged my intense dislike for Rachel. Last series Rachel's egomania was amusing at times, if not slightly irritating, but it's only episode one and she's becoming intolerable, it's become a case of (as my mum sighed whilst watching with me) "Oh no, she isn't going to sing again is she?". But we'll see what the rest of the series will bring. Also, if her and Finn keep on doing the 'are you going to break up with me?" charade my tv might be in extreme danger of low flying objects. Yes, that concludes my, sure to be, weekly rant on Rachel Berry.

That would be your series two premiere episode of Glee and my very first Gleecap.
I hope you enjoyed it and that it wasn't too ranty, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

What did you think of the series premiere? How does it compare to last series? Do you like the new characters? What/who are you hoping will develop over the course of the series? What songs do you want to hear (personally I'm hoping for a little No Doubt)?

Next week it's "Brittany/Britney", with special guest star Britney Spears (and hopefully featuring lots of my two favourite characters Brittany and Santana). Excited?



  1. I really enjoyed this review of glee episode one. My favourite character in glee so far is Kurt Hummel because I love the divaness he has! (Which Rachel also has, but she is sometimes a tad annoying..)

    I like the new character Sunshine, because she looks so cute! I'm not so fond of Sam Evans because he seems like another Finn Hudson, and he is sort of boring..

    I am looking forward to the next episode of glee!

  2. I don't watch Glee anymore, even though I usually enjoy it when I see it (I don't usually admit this in public)... I enjoyed the Billionare cover too!

  3. Thanks Lokki! I love Kurt's diva tendencies too - he's going to be featured a lot more this series so I'm sure you'll be pleased!

    Hah Mellows! I think a lot more people love Glee, but secretly wouldn't like to let on - Let your Gleek flag fly!

  4. I have been waiting so long for S2 of Glee and this was the most perfect Gleecap!

    My favourite character is Sue! I think she is brilliant and she makes the show! Her one liners are incredibly witty and I often find myself laughing about them in the week! I love all the characters apart from Tina (I just can't relate to her!)

    One of my favourite songs so far is 'Give Up The Funk' - I like the ones where everyone has a part. I do like 'Like A Virgin' too, especially Santana's part!

    I am looking forward to the next Gleecap, almost as much as the episode itself! :)



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