Tuesday, January 4

I see... Colour!

It's been a long winter, after far too long a period of snow, grey skies and gloom it's now ... January. Yes, we have at least two more months of this left. Dee-lightful. Now I love Autumn/Winter fashion as much (probably more) as the next person, but is it just me or are have winter clothes been getting more and more dull each year?  Which is why I was so happy to see these pictures from the S/S 2011 Lookbook on Topshop.com - It's a little cliche but it really was a breath of fresh air!

It looks like it's going to be a bright Summer!
PS -  I've been thinking of starting daily (or at the pace I go weekly) outfit posts, what do you think? If anyone does it on their own blog - is it more trouble than it's worth?

Secondly, I've also been thinking of doing a couple of tv recaps (namely Glee and possibly Skins. I'm still deciding whether I'm willing to watch Skins without Cook and Naomi, although I said the same about Maxxie after series 2) - I sort of live tweet most tv I watch anyway, but I get worried it mights irritate some of my followers, again what do you think?

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