Thursday, January 13

I Want To See This Film

"Blue Valentine"

This film has received a lot of buzz after a bit of a 'to-do' with the rating given by the MPAA, which you can read about here as I find American film ratings a little confusing. Anyway, that has all apparently been sorted and the only buzz that remains is the Academy Award kind.

The film features Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, both who come from very 'teen/high school' film and tv backgrounds and have gone on to make some very interesting, indie choices in adulthood. Prior to filming Gosling and Williams spent an entire month living as a family with, Faith Wladyka who plays their daughter, acting out all kinds of family celebrations and routines. I think that even from the trailer you can see a connection between the two characters, it feels very real (which I suppose was the complaint from the MPAA).


  1. I'm going to see it on Sunday! Looking forward to it :)

  2. Did you enjoy it Katie? I'm off to see it this week - I can't wait!


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