Friday, January 28

You Read Me Like a Book.

I recently joined Goodreads in an attempt to encourage myself to read more books as per every New Year's Resolution I've ever made I think! On Goodreads you can set a target amount of books you want to read during the course of the year; I set my target at 24 books (i.e. two books a month), I thought that was pretty attainable and also quite a good target. I mean you'd think a couple of books a month would be lemon-squeezy, right? Wrong. At the moment, almost the end of the first month of my reading challenge, I have only managed to get halfway through my first book (A Million Little Pieces by James Frey). Perhaps it's the book I've chosen, or perhaps it's down to lack of enthusiasm to physically sit down with a book and read (or the fact that my bus is always packed with extremely noisy students) , but I can not find time to read my book! I have, however, found some time to obsess over a lot of book related objects, which is obviously almost as good as reading a book surely?

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These book inspired clutches are by Olympia Le-Tan; Both Natalie Portman and Clemence Poesy managed to work a little bit of literature into their looks (alliteration, yey!)  at their recent film premieres, accessorising with one of these (Clemence has La Belle et La Bete and Natalie has Lolita). The clutches are made with embroidered and appliqued with felt and are incredibly cute! I am the most awkward person with clutches - I can not bear to hold my bag in my hand all night (I'm the hang it on my shoulder and forget about it type of bag girl), but I think I could manage to hang on to one of these, not mostly because at around £915 each, I wouldn't be losing it in a hurry. Kate Spade also has a few book inspired bags on their site, including The Great Gatsby and The Importance of Being Earnest, but even they push the $100 mark and Kate Spade really isn't my style. I did however find a how-to tutorial on YouTube for making a book handbag, which looks pretty simple so I might have to give it a try!

I also found these t-shirts by Out of Print Clothing, which feature covers from iconic (and some out of print) books.
"Some are classics, some are just curious enough to make great t-shirts, but all are striking works of art"
I know people always say that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover , but I can't help it I always do, especially if they're really interesting ones. So I absolutely love these T-Shirts and they have lots more on the site, although as with the Olympia Le-Tan clutches, I'm in love with the 1984 ones (funnily enough, I didn't even like the book!).

In terms of actual books, I think these (RED) editions of the Penguin Classics are fantastic - so many pretty covers! Plus, for every book you buy 50% of the profits go to the Global Fund in order to help eliminate AIDS in Africa. I currently have my eye on the copy of Vanity Fair as it's one of my favourite books and you can never have too many copies of your favourite!

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  1. Book-related projects are always good :) And I might have to buy the Gatsby t-shirt, and that (red) copy of Wuthering Heights..... hmmmm xx

  2. I joined Goodreads a few weeks ago to do a very similar thing - but rather than set myself a target I just wanted to see how many books I read each year. Is this a bad time to mention that I've read 6 already this month?! I'm almost completely sure that I'm not going to be able to keep up the numbers, but we'll see. I'm sure you'll be able to catch up with your target!

  3. Terri-Jane:I sort of want the whole set of Red books, even though y'know I am incapable of reading a single book at the moment!

    Katie: No, that does not help at all. Thanks. ;-) I'm hoping that when the Easter/Summer holidays come I'll be able to pick up the pace, and perhaps surpass my target.


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