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Gleecap - "Never Been Kissed"

Well hello there Gleeks. How are we all this week? 

So first I should apologise for not doing a Gleecap last week. If you are a 'fan' on Facebook, you will have got the message, if not; I was quite busy last week and didn't get a chance to write anything at all (I got about a quarter of the way through writing about 'Rocky Horror'- it's still in my drafts!). What made it worse, as I mentioned in This Week I Have Mostly, I had a bit of a downer in regards to blogging last week and I just didn't feel motivated to type! This week I am feeling much better (at least in regards to blogging), so let's get on with the Gleecap shall we?

In 'Never Been Kissed' Mr Schue assigns another mash-up task to the New Directions; Kurt continues to be bullied by Karofsky and finds a new ally in his competitor and the football boys find an interesting 'buzzkill'.

This episode is the first of a few episodes dedicated the 'It Gets Better' Campaign, which you can read about here (also if you get a chance you should watch Pixar's campaign video, the only time I've ever come close to crying that much is possibly watching a Pixar film)

(my gleecap after the jump - contains spoilers)
The episode opens with Sam revealing to Finn that he can cope with ice cold baths after training as they help 'relieve' him, due to the fact that Quinn doesn't 'put-out'. Finn admits to Sam that he can relate, as despite the fact that he has a girlfriend, she too refuses to comply. To help out his team mate Finn shares his weird mailman 'buzzkill' and suggests that Sam finds his own buzzkill also, which he finds in Coach Beiste.

Later in Glee Club Mr Schue reveals the New Directions' competition at Sectionals: The Dalton Academy Warblers (an all boys prep school) and The Hippies (a school for elderly people trying to get their GED's). As they are so close to sectionals Mr Schue wants to put the fighting spirit back into the glee club by doing, another, Girls versus Boys mashup competition. Although this time, thanks to Kurt's belligerence, the twist is that the songs must be typically performed by the opposite sex. Groundbreaking.

Anyway, Kurt's aforementioned belligerence. Kurt is still being bullied constantly by Karofsky at school. He's feeling, and looking unhappy, yet nobody appears to take much notice; Unless of course, someone sees him being pushed into a locker, in which case you give him a glass of water and ask him why he's been so stroppy recently. Right Will? Of course he's unhappy, you don't need to standing by watching him be pushed around to realise that fact! Seriously, why aren't these teachers doing anything to stop it happening?
"Can I be honest with you? You, like everyone else at this school are too quick to let homophobia slide. And your lesson plans are boring and repetitive"
 On a happier note, Puck's back! He did the crime, he paid the time and now he's out of juvie with the decision to make Artie his community service (because picking up litter on the side of the road is ghetto, right Chris Brown?). As part of his comuunity service Puck attempts to make Artie cool this involves busking with him in the middle of the school playground and being mean to girls you like - the pair sing One Love (People Get Ready) by Bob Marley whilst 'encouraging' their school mates to donate money. I've missed Puck's general 'badassery with a guitar', so it was nice to see him being a badass with a guitar again and I actually really enjoyed the song. I did notice a definite difference between UK and US schools though; It was raining whilst the boys were performing and yet not a single person ran away screaming "Wet Play!!!!!", very odd. 

Meanwhile Kurt attempts to infiltrate Dalton Academy, where Kurt dicovers the Glee Club are like rockstars and meets the exceedingly dreamy frontman Blaine ("Blaine? His name is Blaine. That's not a name it's a major appliance!"). The Warblers then launch into a pretty awesome rendition of Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' and proceed to make both me and Kurt swoon - I don't know who had bigger doe eyes, me or him.

The Dalton boys soon discover that Kurt doesn't actually go to their school, because he's really awful at spying and so they sit down and have a civilised chat about it, which of course Kurt isn't used to. The boys explain that Dalton, a school which is dreamy and lovely and filled with dreamy lovely things, is very open and has a zero tolerance policy. Blaine realises in a millisecond what nobody at McKinley seems to - Kurt is extremely unhappy at school, but Blaine encourages him to stay and stand his corner.
"Refuse to be the victim. Prejudice is just ignorance"
Elsewhere; Puck and Artie go on a double date with Brittana (Breadsticks!!!), where Puck intends to dine and dash, but Artie decides to pay; Beiste realises that a few of the kids are acting strange around her after Sam and Tina say her name whilst making out with their respective partners and Sue encourages Quinn to publicly humiliate both Sam and the Coach. Mr Schue finds out and swears the boys to secrecy, but of course not long after, he tells her himself suggesting that she doesn't take it personally. Um, how else is she supposed to take it?

Later on in Glee Club, the girls do their mash-up performance, which is a mix of Start Me Up and Livin' On A Prayer. Love! Wasn't this just amazing and didn't they all look awesome in the hair-metal leather outfits. Not to show my bias here, but I definitely thought the girls won this.

At school Kurt takes Blaine's advice and stands up to Karofsky when he bullies him again, following him to the boys locker room Kurt put up an awesome stance, none of which I took note of because, my goodness, that was intense and awesome and showed exactly why Chris Colfer deserved that Golden Globe. The moment is made even more intense by the fact that Karofsky then kisses Kurt. Kurt later confronts Karofsky (does he have a first name? He looks like a Steve), this time with Blaine for back up, but once again Karofsky is hostile, for a change Karofsky pushes Blaine into something. Kurt then reveals to Blaine that before Karofsky he had never been kissed before. Which is honestly quite heartbreaking.

Will discovers that Coach Beiste intends to quit because of the general meanness, so he goes to encourage her to stay. A lot of the comments I've read suggest that it's a bit dramatic to quit because a load of high-schoolers don't find their 40 year old teacher attractive, but it's not about wanting to feel attractive to a load of teens. In my opinion it's about consistently being made to feel like you aren't good enough or valued enough, or attractive enough, to warrant a positive opinion or for people not to consistently make a joke out of you or the way you look. Will says that he 'gets it' that we're all scarred by high-school (aren't we just? Put perfectly by Purdie in Jane Austen Book Club "High School is never over"). Perhaps it's because I find him patronising on a consistent basis, but I couldn't help being agitated by that comment. Does he really get it? He might of gone through hell at school, but can his hellish ordeal really relate to what Coach Beiste might of faced? As he's said himself many times, he was on the Glee club when it was cool, he was on the football team and he married a cheerleader, gee Mr Schue, sucks for you! The same as when he talked to Kurt, he doesn't 'get it' at all. Even more patronising, as Coach Beiste confides in Will that she has never been kissed, Will decides to give her a first kiss. Which I'm sure is everything she hoped it would be - a kiss from her colleague who felt sorry for her. All of that considered and put to one side, I love Coach Beiste an awful lot.

Elsewhere Puck is threatened with going back to juvie as they misunderstood what type of 'crip' he intended to help. Puck decides to quit school and skip town because, just like Kurt, he doesn't think the school are interested in him and why he is the way he is. Artie, however reaches out to Puck as a result of their new found friendship and decides to make him his own community service by tutoring him at geometry.

The boys apologise to Coach Beiste, telling her that she's 'nougaty' and by closing the show with their mash-up of "Free Your Mind/Stop In The Name Of Love", which Coach Beiste liked so I suppose that's all that really matters.

All things considered (mainly Mr Schue annoying me) I really loved this episode - Chris Colfer is always a joy to watch. Ryan Murphy has hinted a few times that he considers Kurt to be his alter-ego, or at least  a portrayal him when he was in high-school. Although this makes Kurt the incredibly personable, well rounded character that he is; I also think this occasionally works to the detriment of the other characters, which remain a little one-dimensional (Rachel, Mercedes, Puck etc), reducing them to repetitive stereotypes when they could be so much more.

Anyhoo, what did you think of the episode? What were your thoughts on the Karofsky/Kurt issue? Did you find the super dreamy Blaine as dreamy as I did? As always share your thoughts in the comments!

Next week it's The Substitute with guest star Gwyneth Paltrow (expect lots of Gwyneth love in my Glececap Gwynnie haters)!


  1. This was one of my favorite episodes of all time, I think.

  2. I think we gradually going into the type of Glee episodes that I really loved last series - it was one of my faves too Jen.


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