Monday, February 14

I Love You More Than ____________ .


I found something whilst trawling the internet a while ago (I'm sorry I genuinely can't remember where, so if you know who wrote it please let me know so I can credit them) and I thought it was so appropriate, and it really made me smile.

"On February 14th, 1967 Aretha Franklin recorded her famous (and dare I say empowering) single, 'Respect.' If you’ve grown up in modern popular culture, I think its virtually impossible to not be familiar with the song."
"If you’re a lady with a good guy who will do it right on Valentine’s Day, good for you. But if you aren't, don’t think of February 14th as Valentine’s Day. Think of it as the day that Aretha Franklin told every dirty, no-good, cheating, lying worthless asshole what she demanded and deserved, a little respect."

Happy Valentines Day!


  1. Did you see The Grammy's yesterday? They did a tribute to Aretha and Jennifer Hudson sang RESPECT. She was great. Yolanda Adams also sang and WOW that lady has a powerful voice.

  2. No I haven't seen it Tonya. I watched Gaga's egg business on Youtube. I'll go have a look - I love Jennifer Hudson.


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