Saturday, February 19

Live and In Your Living Room - Paul Costelloe A/W 11.

London Fashion Week kicked off yesterday with designers showing off their Autumn/Winter collections. LFW is has always been and still is one of my most wanted to attend events (as an event planner and a fashion lover), as I'm sure it is with so many other people. For those of us who are yet to attend, we are quite lucky as many shows are beginning to broadcast their shows on live streams too. As such as I always like to set aside time for some of my favourite shows (last year I raced home from Uni to watch the Burberry A/W show - you can always count on fashion shows to start a little late) and even giving me a chance to watch a few that I've either never heard of or that I wouldn't normally seek out.  Which is how I happened upon Peter Costelloe's show this morning and went on a little bit of a screencapping frenzy. Not quite knowing what to do with all those pictures on my desktop, I thought I'd share a few with you! 

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I loved the frizzy red wigs (which continue to tempt me to the redhead side), the gorgeous tweeds and tartans, the deep reds, pinks and purples and the amazingly structured pleated skater skirts.

How do you feel about designers live streaming shows? Are there any that you run home to watch?


  1. haha wow do you think thats her real hair?

  2. It's pretty impressive isn't it? Although, unfortunately I think they are wigs.


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