Monday, February 7

My New Found Respect for Fashion Bloggers.

Cardigan: Borrowed from my mum and never given back
Top: H&M
Belt: Dorothy Perkins
Dress: H&M
Boots: Rokit Vintage

I have been threatening to do outfit posts for a while now, most seriously in the build up to the New Year. I'd always assumed it would be quite a simple process - get dressed, take a photo and go about your daily business. Apparently not.

First there was deciding how to take the photo. You see I have two cameras; One was a gift and is known as my arty camera - it's the camera that gets lugged around on holiday and whenever I go for  long walks. I say 'lugged' as it's one of those big ones that does all sorts of funny things that I haven't got a clue about, because honestly who reads instructions? The second I bought because I was at university and needed a 'night out' camera. The sort of camera that fits in your teeny-tiny handbag and you can whip out when you are in a bar (I also got a million, not literally, boots points when I bought it). I also have an Iphone, which as most Iphone users know takes pretty decent photos, but tends to give you those very Myspace (or My[_______] as I believe it's now called) photos of you with a phone in one hand staring at a mirror, which is what you mainly see above.

Once I decided on a camera (the big one) I needed to work out how to make it take a decent picture of me, so where to take it? This is what I'm still working out - my room is tiny and work is filled with things that are incredibly more delightful and distracting than me (again, see above). Then there's the whole 'what to do' situation, like the blog title suggests (despite being quite shy) I'm a bit of a primadonna, on nights out if I get one Southern Comfort and Coke in me I'll swear to you that I'm being taken over by the spirit of Naomi Campbell (minus the whole throwing things at people thing). In this setting, however, I can not take a decent photo thanks to my awkward concentration face and fits of giggles. My mum had offered to take photos, but that just makes it worse! Finally, I don't know if you've noticed but it's been really cold and taking outfit photos when I'm wearing so many layers that I look like the Michelin man is not attractive, at all.

So that, is why I have a new found respect for fashion bloggers, especially those who do this sort of thing daily. It's sort of back to the drawing board for me with this one (but I wanted to show you all the progress of what I've been tweeting about for months!).

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