Wednesday, February 16

This Week I Have Mostly...

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I'll be honest, I love doing these posts mid-week. I like to think it leaves you wondering what week I 'm talking about. Also, as much as I enjoy reading blogs on Sunday I can't bring myself to post/write anything on Sunday; I might not be religious, but it's the day I religiously do absolutely nothing. 

Anyway, I felt like mixing things up a little, so I'm 'bullet pointing' this. This week I have mostly...

  • Let me start off by saying that I had a bit of a bad blog week last week, I'm sure every blogger has them. I was just feeling a little pessimistic and down on myself about my writing etc. I did, however, get some super lovely comments, messages from goof friends and an exciting email. All of which helped to cheer me up and make me feel a lot more positive about whatever it is I'm doing round these parts.
My first Instagram attempt.
  • I've been trying to take more photos this week. I actually started walking around with my (little) camera in my bag and I downloaded instagram onto my Iphone, which takes really lovely photos.
  • I've been upholding my Goodreads challenge by finishing 'A Million Little Pieces' and starting/ completing 'The Accidental'. Both of which I didn't really like, but it was nice to be actually reading something for a change.
  • I 'screencapped' a couple of films, because sometimes I really want to use an image from a  particular film, but can't find said image anywhere. I then hearted a few pictures of Jack O'Connell on Weheartit, as you do.
  • I met up with my best friend at the weekend to do a little shopping, we also talked a lot about Glastonbury headliners  (here's hoping someone good play whilst Coldplay and U2 are on, eh?).
And that's it really. This week has been off to a good start, with the aforementioned messages and I watched The Social Network last night, which I absolutely loved (I tweeted about it here and here) -Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield were amazing, as were Max Minghella, Justin Timberlake (um, what?!) and Armie Hammer (who turned out to be one person and not twins) . Have you seen it yet, what did you think? 

I hope you are all having and continue to have lovely weeks!

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