Tuesday, March 15

Film Inspiration: Me Without You.

Title: Me Without You
Released: 2001
Director: Sandra Goldbacher
Starring: Anna Friel and Michelle Williams

Me Without You follows best friends Marina and Holly, played by Anna Friel and Michelle Williams, through a series of decades (1970's to 2000's) as they grow together, and apart.

The cinematography takes two very different styles for each character; Holly's world is very natural and earthy, with hints of moss green and light blue. Whereas Marina's life is extremely exaggerated and saturated with all things brash - pinks, oranges and leopard print.

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Read my 'Me Without You' soundtrack review here.

Film copyright Dakota Films, 2001. 

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  1. things....

    1. the costumes in this film are DREAMY, anna friel's outfits are just a spinning carousel of loveliness, special mention [obviously] to the new-romantic/re-imagined '50's prom dress that holly pilfers for her date with the professor.

    2. thanks for the follow on my severely neglected blog. i've been reading yours for a while off blair on a budget, but i have a tendency to be a silent spirit on the interwebz...but no more!

  2. 1. Aren't they just! I love the scene in the lecture theatre when all the other girls look incredibly studious and Marina is wearing a huge prom dress an full make-up! That whole year is my favourite part - I love how the girls briefly switch identities.

    2. Thank you for following me! It's always good to find new style blogs and I love your style!

    Thanks Janey!


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