Monday, March 14


It would appear I'm exceedingly British as all I seem to do at the moment is talk about the weather!
 It's been a bit sunny around these parts of late, which is great because I've been keeping my fingers crossed and dropping extremely unsubtle hints to, well, the sky? Mother nature? That I've not been best pleased with this whole wintry business; The irony of the title is of course the fact that the sun immediately went in as soon as I finished typing. As such the intense sunshine has meant It's been necessary to hunt down my sunglasses (one should however not be misled by all the sunshine and assume that it's even vaguely 'warm' outside, as all the Nottingham students that catch my bus seem to). Imagine my annoyance when I discovered that every pair of sunglasses I own was either broken or missing. 

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I love sunglasses; I'm an invariably shy and private person. I also enjoy staring at my surroundings to an almost insane degree (not 'insane' like stalker 'insane', more 'illogical, to the point of foolish') so I love anything that will partially hide others from my insecurities and judging glances, whilst also allowing me to freely take everything in. Of course there's also the fact that I (as  have previously mentioned) am a bit of drama queen - I can't deny that whilst walking through town in my sunglasses I imagine myself to be an extremely talented A-Lister (because all the A-listers hang out in Nottingham) who would rather if 'the fans' didn't bother her.

I'm one of those people who doesn't buy glasses that are expensive, and by expensive I mean more than £10, mostly because I'm a habitual 'loser of things' and sometimes a 'breaker of things'. Case in point; I bought a pair of gorgeous green sunglasses from Topshop (£16) two summers ago, wore them for about a month and then lost them - haven't seen them since. This is why I can't possibly buy expensive sunglasses and can only bring myself to buy cheap pairs from places like Primark and H&M. Cheap sunglasses of course lead to the whole 'habitual breaker of things' part. I'm not a huge fan of 'fast-fashion', in all honestly I'm ashamed to tell you I occasionally shop at Primark (only for sunglasses, might I add) - like with my vegetarianism, it's cool if you want to partake, but I'd rather not shop there, although I suppose saying I only buy sunglasses is like saying I only eat bacon, or something. Before you say of course I know Primark aren't the only one's, and it's a little snobby, but honestly blah, blah, blah. Anyway back to the point, the point being as much as it annoys me 'fast-fashion' typically means cheap and really only for use for one season (unless you're paying Topshop prices, for which the shoddy workmanship means it's still only wearable for one season) and this is even more true for sunglasses.  'Fast-fashion' sunglasses typically mean cheap and plastic-y with a few screws loose, I love my people like that not my sunglasses. As a result I have an H&M pair that broke the day I was leaving Madrid, seriously they just snapped in half (granted they were 50p) and a Primark pair that I must confess have been worn death on which the screws came out of. Now I'm a (clumsy) glasses wearer so I'm pretty used to fixing them and bending them back in to shape, but really at grand total of £2.50 for both pairs are they really worth fixing or should I bite the bullet and buy a pair that are less likely to break that possibly amounts to all the cheap sunglasses I've broken? Of course I know the answer or at least I know what I'm going to do; Continue buying cheap sunglasses - every time I lose, forget or break a pair, every time I lend a pair to my mum or my sister, I know without doubt I will buy a new pair.

Are you a habitual 'breaker/loser of things? Do you have something you can't resist buying far too much of, in spite of your better judgement?

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  1. I so do not like/have any of your cheap sunglasses on 'loan'! Besides money is not the criteria which determines whether I buy them in the first place. I'm more concerned about style and fit for purpose - neither of which I can personally be assured of from either of those retails outlets. Also what happened to your personal ethical stance against the likes of Top Shop, Primark, etc. Maybe you should lose the shades for a moment they may be 'clouding' your thinking dahling!!


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