Saturday, March 5

This Week I Have Mostly...

This week more than anything, I have mostly been ill.

I wouldn't say I've had flu, that would be rather a large overstatement, but I wouldn't say I had a cold either, because that would be an understatement. Either way, I've been ill for about a week and a half and you all have probably noticed due to the sporadic posting. Even worse I know what some of you were probably thinking "Whatever you have been mostly doing this week, it wasn't a Gleecap", if you were thinking that, I'm sorry. Although it's one of my more fun posts to do, it's also the most time consuming; when you've had your head hanging over a bucket for a week the last thing you want to do is watch a load of kids singing and dancing around in bright colours (even worse in HD). So I'm very sorry for the lack of Gleecaps the past two weeks, fingers crossed it'll be back next week.

Anyway, what have I been doing this week (and last, which I didn't write about)?

  • I went to see the Alvin Ailey Dance Tour at Nottingham Playhouse, which I absolutely loved. A few of the dancers and the choreographer did a Q&A afterwards, which was equally interesting - I think the age range of dancers (that night) was 17-22, it was incredible that they were all so dedicated and got so much enjoyment from their work. The show was split into three parts; the first was a sort of interpretative piece, the second more classical ballet (danced to classical music) and the third was a contemporary piece danced to classic Southern gospel music. (If you do a search in Youtube of 'Alvin Ailey' there are hundreds of results, but I thought I'd share one).

  • If there is a good part of being ill it's that you get a chance to catch up on all the tv and films that you've missed, which is what I did; I managed to watch Scott Pilgrim vs The World, The Romantics and Burlesque. You probably saw my review of The Romantics (or clicked on it because I just linked it), so I really don't need to go into that. As predicted I loved Burlesque - I just want to crawl inside the film and live in it whilst wearing all of Christina's costumes (in the least possible Hannibal Lecter/Single White Female way). I also loved Scott Pilgrim, in the best possible way it was like running through laser quest really quickly whilst electro-pop plays in the background (I know that sounds awful, but it was amazing). Through watching Scott Pilgrim and Up In the Air recently I have discovered that I love Anna Kendrick, I really hope she keeps doing films that aren't Twilight so I can actually see her act! On the subject of films I also watched the Oscars all the way through, which was the second time I've ever watched the Oscars, it was less boring than last time, but still in general quite rubbish. If award ceremonies are an either/or situation, I'm a BAFTA girl all the way (I'm not a fan of any American award ceremonies), the Oscars always seem so nauseatingly self-congratulatory - "Yey Hollywood we're so fab, let's all give ourselves an enormous pat on the back and not consider what the film-viewing public actually enjoyed". Although I will say that I enjoyed James Franco and Anne Hathaway's presenting more than other people did, but perhaps that was because the last time I watched the Oscars it was awful (no idea who presented it that year).
  • I've also got into the new show on Channel 4 "The Model Agency", which is a reality show looking at life working for UK model agency Premiere, any fashion related reality tv and I'm instantly hooked - it reminds me a little of "Kell on Earth" (they even have the massive desk that everyone works from) but set in England and, as much as I like Kelly Cutrone, Andrew and Stephanie, everyone seems a lot nicer on The Model Agency. 
And that's about it, hope fully my coldness will be gone very soon, so I can do something a little more interesting than watch a lot of tv. I hope you've had a nice week and have equally lovely weeks ahead!

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