Sunday, March 13

This Week I Have Mostly...


I'll be honest it's been a slow week for me, mostly I've been trying to do a little housekeeping blog-wise; I've not really done anything you'd notice (played around with some html and wording on my pages), but it's looking a little cleaner in my opinion. I also got slightly back on track after a blogging slump - sort of, I mean I got a Gleecap up at least! 

So let's see, This week I have mostly...
  • I started reading a new book - On Beauty by Zadie Smith. So far it's not what I expected it to be, but I'm enjoying it nonetheless. You can follow my progress on Goodreads.
  • I've been closely following the whole thing with John Galliano, don't worry I'm not going to open up some sort of debate about the whole issue. I will say that I'm finding it incredibly uncomfortable viewing/reading/listening. I've mentioned before that Galliano is one of my favourite fashion designers (one of very few designers whose pieces I've managed to save up for and own) so to watch someone you've looked up to for many years fall from grace and disappoint you (and so many the world over) in this way is devastating. 
  • I searched and searched for events for International Women's Day on Tuesday and found nothing. Amusing as some may find the meltdown of an entitled star (who has a history of violence against women), I found it quite unsettling that the publication of his stupidity seemed to take precedence over something as important as International Women's Day. So I'm sorry 'gentlemen' who sent me tedious replies along the lines of "Get back to the kitchen" and such, I was not amused. For me Anieke put it best.
"I have watched the coming and going just this year of Valentine's Day and today in addition to this being International Women's Day it is Pancake day, or Fat Tuesday, or  Shrove Tuesday...Yet International Women's Day could/should be a marketing dream from so many perspectives. There is so much to highlight. So many of us are still unaware of the wonderful achievements, suffering and day to day survival, of so many women around the world. Surely that has to be worth highlighting?"

  • On a lighter note, I treated myself to a couple of new nail polishes from Topshop - 'Hide and Seek' and 'Off The Record'. The only problem with Topshop nail polish is that they look very different on the website and under the store lighting, so unfortunately I got home to discover that 'Off The Record' is pretty much the same as Barry M's 'Mushroom'. Hopefully they'll let me exchange it!
  • I've been observing the 'The Eagle' press tour via Tumblr like, well, an eagle or some other bird of prey. I have a bit of a 'thing' for Jamie Bell so it's lovely to actually see him for a change. I can't wait for the Tintin film, and press tour, at the end of this year (not just Jamie. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost too)!
  • There are films that I watch that sometimes don't warrant a review; Sometimes it'll be one of those 'Marmite' films that people either love or hate, the type people automatically make up their mind about before they've even seen it and therefore wouldn't be swayed by my opinion either way (eg Glitter or Spice World). Sometimes it'll be a film that really not much happens, or at least nothing unique or of substance so there isn't much I can write about (eg Glitter or Spice World). Or sometimes it'll be a film that hasn't recently come out or a film that isn't unknown/retro enough for a film review (eg Glitter or Spice World). For those reasons I want to try a little something out. I screencap an awful lot of films, usually films that have incredibly inspiring sets or costumes that I just want to live inside the film, so for that reason (and to clear a little space on my hard drive) I am going to start doing 'film inspiration' posts - admittedly they'll be extremely picture heavy, but hopefully they'll be quite inspiring to you too.
  • Lastly this little blog is 5 years old this month. I know I couldn't believe it myself. As with most things in my life it's been a long and arduous process to make it to what it is now, but I do love it. Anyway as a sort of thank you/celebration I considering doing a giveaway perhaps of a few of my favourite things. Obviously I've never done one before so  feedback/thoughts would be much obliged at this point. Also any advice from blogger who have done giveaways would help a lot too!
And that's your lot. I hope you had pretty stress free weeks, here's to the next one!

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