Monday, March 28

This Week I Have Mostly....

So, I'm claiming the past two weeks as my 'lost weeks' as I was somehow busy for pretty much all of it, add to that the fact that I went away last Friday and Saturday, didn't take a single photo and not a peep (nor tweet) was heard from me the entire weekend. And then this week, well, even I don't know what happened.  So those were my 'lost weeks'; I do feel like a lost week or two somewhere slightly more interesting than Sheffield, but such is life. Anyhow, this week I have mostly...
  • On Tuesday night I went to the Nottingham Contemporary to listen to a lecture by Patricia J. Williams called Rush, Rights and the Rise of the Radical Wrong. I've mentioned before that my knowledge of politics is very poor (or at least my confidence in my knowledge of politics is very poor) and my knowledge of American politics is even poorer, but I found the lecture incredibly interesting and meeting Patricia herself after the lecture was equally so.
  • I bought new sunglasses and fixed old ones, because it's Spring! Okay, so it's not properly Spring, but it's super sunny and a lot warmer than it was a couple of weeks ago, so that can only mean that it's almost Spring.
  • Like most people I also spent a lot of time looking for the the 'super moon', and yes it was very large, but if you are going to name something a 'super' anything I want it to do something other than be 'very large'.
  • I found out about the Models Own Pro collection, which I'm actually quite intrigued by; the formula contains vitamin E to promote nail growth and UV filters to prevent fading. The best part is that it doesn't contain formaldehyde, which has always been an issue for me when buying Models Own because it stinks!
  • I went to one of the many charity shops in my local area (seriously there are a ton in Nottingham and at least 11 in the area I live) and bought new things. I've been wanting to go shopping for new things for a while and as a person who hates paying full price on the high-street my best bet is charity shops. I got a bright yellow mac that will hopefully be extremely useful for April showers and a gorgeous floral print, vintage Laura Ashley (of course) skirt; I'm guessing it was supposed to be a midi-skirt, but on me and my pixie-sized measurements it borders on a floor-length maxi. I also got a super soft Grandad jumper which I'm pretty sure I'm going to live in. I have however decided that if I wear them together that I will fulfil my desire to look like Molly Ringwald circa the Brat Pack films a little too well.
  • I've spent the past couple of weeks 'umming and aahing' over whether to watch 'Lily Allen: From Riches to Rags' which comes on E4. The two reasons I would've watched it are the two things I've heard bad reports about (via Twitter of course). The first is that it's not an good portrayal of Lily (heard from Ms Allen herself) and the second is that it doesn't really focus hugely on sourcing/buying vintage etc (heard from many people on Twitter). I did however eventually sit and watch it and, well, it's interesting enough, but there is such a huge focus on Lily dealing with trying to not be a celebrity and her sister Sarah trying not to be a bit 'flaky' anymore - it gets a little tedious. So, as far as that goes, the jury is out.
  • Finally, I'm continuing to work through my want to see film list (which is currently nine pages long). This week I watched The Edge of Love, The Pick Up Artist and The Red Shoes. I loved the Red Shoes, The Edge of Love is a definite film inspiration post in waiting and The Pick Up Artist had Robert Downey Jnr, Molly Rigwald and Dennis Hopper - 'nuff said.
And that's the lot. This post never fails to make my weeks appear slightly less interesting than I previously thought. How are you?

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