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Gleecap - "Blame It On The Alcohol"

Another week, another Gleecap; I bet at this point you're shocked when I actually write one!

Series 2, Episode 14 - Blame It on the Alcohol

Principal Figgins acts on his concern at the number of students turning up drunk by asking the club to promote alcohol awareness in assembly. Blaine accepts Rachel's request for a date after they hit it off at a party she throws while her dads are out of town, and Will and Coach Beiste have fun at a honky-tonk bar.

Before we start, I have to say that this is one of my favourite episodes of the series so far. In my opinion series two has swayed between being quite serious/sad/preachy/etc to just plain ridiculous. This episode however for me reached the same balance that  'Grilled Cheesus' managed - approaching a serious topic in a fun way.
Principal Figgins declares a 'Giggle Juice Epidemic' as the children of McKinley have been showing up to school drunk, thanks to the influence of artists like Ke-dollar sign-ha. Figgins asks Will and the Glee Club to perform a song in order to highlight the dangers of teenage drinking - don't you love when the theme of the episode is clearly stated in the first minute! Elsewhere, Will still hasn't spent much time with
Emma since she became Mrs Hottest Dentist Alive so he tries to break the ice by buying her a toaster for her new home. The pair are however interrupted by Sue as her aim of the week - just in time for alcohol awareness week - is to convince Will that he's an alcoholic, Sue also reveals how she managed to get a job coaching Aural Intensity for those who were wondering (like me!).

Rachel's dads are away for the weekend, so Puck tries to convince Rachel to have a party to help them relax before the competition. Rachel also has her first original song meeting as Rachel performs 'My Headband' for Finn. For someone who likes to create drama in every aspect of her life you'd think Rachel would be able to manage something a little more poignant (or at the very least a Taylor Swift song). Rachel realises that she can't write a song about life if she hasn't 'lived' and so agrees with Puck that a party is a good idea. The other New Directions however aren't too excited at the idea of a Rachel Berry party when sober so they enlist Puck to bring alcohol.

As expected Rachel's party 'blows' and everyone is having an awful time so Puck manages to convince Rachel to let him break into her dads' liquor cabinet - and eventually the party heats up. I think I prefer every single Glee character drunk and in party mode - they're just funnier! Except Finn of course who takes it upon himself to point out everyone's drunken habits (I say everyone, of course he just points out the girls behaviour because females are just ridiculous drunks and men are not at all creepy/sleazy/gropey/fighty). Despite being an utterly weepy wreck of a drunk Santana has to be the best, she needs to be drunk, all.the.time. Me gusta! As with all high-school parties the group play 'spin the bottle' (I imagine this is what happens at high-school parties, I've never actually been to one or played spin the bottle) - Blaine and Rachel end up kissing and Rachel declares Blaine her new duet partner (mostly because his face tastes awesome).

Don't You Want Me Baby - Human League

I love this song choice because it's such a drunk song - it's the sort of song you sing when extremely squiffed and you find something that may vaguely resemble a microphone. Although, I sort of feel like it should be sung really badly, I did love this.

The morning after the night before and everyone is out of sorts; Burt is taken aback to find Blaine in Kurt's bed, and everyone is extremely hungover. Artie prescribes everyone Bloody Mary's for a 'hair of the dog remedy. 

Blame It on The Alcohol - Jamie Foxx, featuring T.Pain

This performance was so much fun  - as you know I love Artie/Puck/Mercedes/Santana collaborations, so I absolutely loved this! I especially liked the set/costume design; The sleazy club setting (those awful love seats that you have to climb over a load of people to get out of and mood lighting) and their 'club clothes' (particularly Quinn's). Also, I'd like to reiterate Rachel drunk is awesome and infinitely less annoying.

Although Mr Schue enjoys the New Direction's performance, he suggests that he finds a song which focuses on the dangers of drinking. The kids however disagree and feel that Mr Schue is a hypocrite as that there aren't any dangers, because adults drink all the time. Will worries that he is out of touch with his students and Coach Beiste offers to take him out to a honky-tonky bar.

Let me take this moment during which I stopped listening to say I love that Glee haven't been too preachy in this episode - they aren't demonising drinking, but they are also pointing out the dangers, like I said previously, it's a nice balance.

Later that evening, Rachel's drinking has turned her into a middle-aged woman/Bridget Jones as she listens to Carole King with a glass of rosé  in order to call Blaine and ask him out on a date. Blaine agrees to the date with Rachel (despite previously stating that he was gay), because he isn't 100% sure of himself 'like Kurt', suggesting that he could be bisexual. Now, I could get super annoyed at Kurt dismissing the concept of bisexuality (and the fact that nobody criticised Kurt about it either), but once I start... so I will just say that it was not cool. Although this is the issue I have with Kurt; he sways from being incredibly awesome and brave about himself (and his sexuality) to being incredibly self-righteous and overly defensive, which I suppose makes him quite realistic as a character.

Shannon takes Will to Rosalita's Roadhouse to relax, and get very drunk.

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer - John Lee Hooker

I could not stop giggling at the fact that Will sounded exactly like Drexl from True Romance (fyi, that link is very nsfw); So essentially he sounded like an Englishman, playing an American who thinks he's black, which I thought was hilarious. Ignoring all that, in regards to the song, meh.

Still that evening, Rachel is cleaning up after her party, 3 days later?! It must stink down there! Nevertheless, Kurt is on hand to help and find out about her date with Blaine. Will (who is also more awesome drunk) is escorted home by Shannon steaming drunk - I love Will and Shannon's friendship and I love that they aren't taking it in a romantic direction. Whilst still squiffy Will grades some papers (which again, was just hilarious) and drunk dials, Emma or so he thinks.

Burt and Kurt have bonding time and Kurt discusses how upset he is about Blaine's date with Rachel (which went well). Burt however, chastises Kurt for not telling him about having Blaine sleeping over (as any parent of a young teenage child would), Kurt of course becomes defensive and misunderstands  Burt's parental concern as mild homophobia, as usual. Kurt does however rightfully suggest that Burt informs himself for when Kurt needs to talk or ask questions.

Before the school assembly the New Directions are nervous, so they continue their week of drinking by drinking Rachel's interesting cocktail for a bit of Dutch courage.

Tik Tok - Kesha

This was kind of awesome. Brittany is such a perfect fit for a Kesha! As disgusting as the end of the performance was, I absolutely loved the audience response!

After the New Directions' memorable performance Sue broadcasts the voicemail that Will (the alcoholic teen vomit fetishist) accidently left on Sue's phone after his drunken night. (Did you all catch the Grease reference in this scene?). New Directions get called into Figgins' office to be congratulated on the 'awesome drunk effects' they used during their performance, and for scaring the entire school away from drinking. Mr Schue (or Cont Boozy Von Drunkaton) gets the kids to take a drinking pact until after nationals, just like athletes.

Rachel and Blaine kiss when sober, and Blaine decides he's definitely gay. Rachel is delighted that she has stuff to write about. We of course all remember that this entire episode could have been avoided if Rachel remembered the trauma that she suffered at the hands of Jesse St James (and Vocal Adrenaline) and wrote an epic ballad of a love betrayed. But then we wouldn't of had this super funny episode now would we?

So did you love Blame it on the Alcohol as much I did? As always let me know in the comments!

Next Week's episode is Sexy, with returning guest stars John Stamos and Gwyneth Paltrow.


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