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Gleecap - "Comeback"

I'm back after a couple of gimmicky and 'Finchel' centred episodes and how apt is it that this episode happens to be called 'The Comeback'?

Rachel tries to claw her way back into McKinley High's social elite with help from Brittany, while Sam starts a tribute band and goes for the Justin Bieber look. Sue causes concern for Emma and Will when she takes her defeat badly, Quinn finds herself in a quandary about her love life, and Puck tries to impress Lauren.

So yes, I called the previous episodes gimmicky. I know others will disagree with me, but the Christmas episode was nauseating - I get that it was an amalgamation of popular Christmas stories, but Artie gets robot legs to help him walk? Eugh, puhlease - and that whole Superbowl ploy to broaden the Glee audience? Yeah, I don't care about American football. Speaking of things I don't care about, the Valentine's episode wasn't really gimmicky in so much as it was mostly Finchel-centric, although it did feature lots Blaine McDreamy, which was nice. 'Comeback' welcomes Glee back to a more regular format (although I think I may have discovered a theme running through the episode).

(my gleecap after the jump - contains spoilers)

The episode opens with Will's voiceover stating that the old Will is going to make a comeback now that he's over his divorce and his relationship with Emma, so that would be sleazy inappropriate Will, right? Will's thought process is, however, interrupted by Emma who has discovered that Sue intends to commit 'Sue-icide' and the pair run down the hall in slow motion like they've done quite a lot this series. When they discover Sue they find that she has overdosed on gummy vitamins and was simply suffering from a sore jaw from all the chewing (Sidenote: For anyone who is as old as me and watched Birds of a Feather, this totally reminded me of the episode Dorien tries to kill herself with multi-vitamins). Despite her failed suicide attempt Sue feels that she has nothing to live for after losing at the cheerleading national competition, although Emma and Will are less than sympathetic and tell her that she has brought in on herself.

Elsewhere, Sam is still a super geek despite his best efforts not to be. He's also still a dope for believing that Quinn isn't still in love with Finn (and didn't cheat in him). Sam tells us that his father taught him that there are two ways to get a woman to love you - to take her hunting or through the medium of rock and roll; So Sam dresses like Justin Bieber (I'm still not sure which method this covers). Rachel is also desperately trying to be cool so she recruits Brittany to build her popularity by making whatever look it is that Rachel has going on into a school-wide trend. Meanwhile, Sue is still upset and rampaging around the school so Emma suggests that Sue joins Glee club due to the healing power of singing, which of course the New Directions aren't pleased about (another sidenote: What is with Santana saying 'w*nky' all the time?). Anyway, Will reveals that the competition judges have decided to introduce a theme for regionals, which this time will be 'Anthem'. Sam nominates Justin Bieber's 'Baby' as an anthem.

"It's hugely emotional and sums up our generation" 

I love that Beliebers won't get the mocking in that sentence (and the entire episode). It did make me think that the Glee characters are sort of at an age that is mainly Bieber's target audience (or at least the same age as him), which is sort of weird. However, I won't lie if I was 13 years old, and he looked like Chord Overstreet, I would probably fully be into The Biebs and would totally love this song - it is possibly one of the most annoyingly catchy songs recently (along with Pack Up by Eliza Dolittle, thanks for that Kinder Surprise). Of course Sam inspires one of those Belieber girl frenzies that we always seem to hear about and seeing the affect that Bieber has on the girls the other Glee guys (minus Finn) want in on Sam's Bieber girls riot. Although Sam's de-geek-ifying plan is working well , Rachel's is not going too successful as Brittany has started an arm-warmer trend after misunderstanding the use of Rachel's leg-warmers, this time to avoid confusion Rachel insists that Brittany dresses exactly like her from head-to-toe. 

Having infiltrated the Glee club Sue's hidden agenda is revealed; She intends to pit the New Directions against one another and bring them down from within, where better to start than the group's rivalling divas Mercedes and Rachel?  Sue asks both girls for advice on being a diva, leading to the girls to declare a diva-off.

The newly expanded Bieber Experience are ready with another song from Justin's wide back catalogue to perform to the rest of the club, this time it's 'Somebody To Love'. This is not one of the two Justin Bieber songs that I know (the other is that one about a lonely girl, or something), I actually had to google it as despite watching the episode twice I had no idea what it was called. Having never heard this song previously and never intending to listen to it again, I honestly don't think I'd be a fair judge (okay, yes I admit it Beliebers scare me quite a bit). I finally agreed with Finn on something - our facial expressions were exactly the same during both Bieber songs.

Meanwhile; Puck is still trying to get with Lauren Zeises, but she she is still refusing to budge (crazy girl). She does however ask for Puck's help with her first Glee solo. After being rejected by Puck last week, Sanatana is on the prowl and has her sights set on Sam after his performance. Mercedes and Rachel prepare themselves for their diva-off, performing 'Take Me or Leave Me' from the musical Rent.

To borrow from Rachel, this is another one of my 'go to shower songs', I absolutely love Rent and this is one of my favourite songs from the musical, although for me, you can't beat the original cast version. The Glee version was good, but I didn't think they put in as much character/feistiness as the song requires - I just didn't believe either of them as the super sexy/flirty Maureen. The girls do however enjoy the performance and foil Sue's plan.

Later, Will takes Sue to 'a sappy scenario with songs' in a children's ward and I can't say anything without sounding like a massive grouch, so let's move on. 

Rachel's style has caught on again, unfortunately Brittany is receiving all the credit, even being named 'Most Trendiest Girl in America' by The Sartorialist (which Scott Schuhman later acknowledged). Lauren builds up the nerve to perform her first song, The Waitresses' 'I Know What Boys Like', with help from Puck whose sage advice was the age old method of picturing one's audience in their underwear (did anybody spot Sue?). The song was, well, it was supposed to be awful wasn't it? It's sort of the theme for this episode. 

Santana volunteers herself to be Sam's mistress in spite of his dorkiness, when Sam declines her offer she clues him up on the Quinn/Finn relationship in a way only Santana knows how, leading to Sam dumping Quinn and dating Santana. Sue tells Will what everyone (or at least me) has been thinking this episode, not a single person has sung an anthem yet, which was the point of this whole task (not that there ever is a point to Mr Schue's assignments). Sue offers up her talents to sing My Chemical Romance's 'Sing' with help from the New Directions; I told you 'awful' was the real theme of the episode, that or they're trying to appeal to each and every 13 year old girl watching Glee. Yup, you got me. I'm not a MCR fan. Although, wasn't Sue's tartan tracksuit amazing. Having had her spirits lifted by being in Glee club, Sue manages to get hired by New Directions' previous rivals 'Aural Intensity' (which never fails to sound dirty to me) Not happy with the group's choice of anthem Rachel suggests that they need to sing an 'epic' song to wow the judges, she suggests that the group write original songs for the competition. The world sighs. The New Directions vote against it. Life goes on. Finn being the cowardly custard that he is tells Rachel that he agrees with her once they have left the choir room, but I don't why, because if you remember I blank out their conversations. Let's just hope that pairing don't make a comeback.

So what were your thoughts on the epidsode? How do you feel about new couple Samtana? What about the possibility of Finn and Quinn being an item, again? Did you enjoy The Bieber Experience? Ae you a 13 year old girl who hated every single song and are therefore offended by my comments? As always let me know in the comments!

Next week it's 'Blame it on the Alcohol'. 


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