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Gleecap - "Sexy"

So I should put my hands up and admit it. Yes, I watched this episode before it came on E4 and yes I have been itching to write about it since. It's no secret that I am a huge Santana/Brittany fan, but as this series has gone on I had been a bit worried that despite being made series regulars both characters would continue to be underdeveloped in the same way the majority of the other series regulars have (essentially everyone who isn't Kurt); Santana would continue to sleep around and be mean and Brittany would continue to sleep around and be dim, and then came this episode.

Substitute teacher Holly Holliday (guest star Gwyneth Paltrow) returns to give the students sex-education classes, while Emma and Quinn have a celibacy club meeting. Artie is concerned when he hears rumours that Brittany may be pregnant, and Lauren tells Puck that she wants to make a steamy video recording.

(My Gleecap after the jump. Contains spoilers)

We see the return of celibacy club, which has shed a few members since series one and is now only down to Rachel, Quinn and Miss Pilsbury. Emma leads the group as she is afraid of sex and Quinn joined because she's afraid of getting pregnant. But why is Rachel still there? Didn't she completely trash what it stood for in the first series or was that just an attempt to impress Finn? Also back is substitute teacher Holly Holiday (played by guest star Gwyneth Paltrow), so yey! We like Holly. I never got a chance to talk about how much I love Gwyneth Paltrow before and it seems a little irrelevant at this point, but I do, so yey! Holly is substituting for whichever subject is relevant to this weeks story - so naturally this episode it's 'Health and Wellbeing' which sounds like a day at a spa, but I'm assuming is essentially Sex Education. Holly tells the uptight Emma and unfortunately not uptight enough Will that teens having sex is an inevitability, therefore it's important to educate and inform them.

Brittany and Santana are still 'spending time together', unfortunately Britt is no longer able to entertain Santana's sweet lady kisses as she has a bun in the oven. Of course Santana spreads the word of Britt's impending visit from the stork, not quite realising how literal that really is. As Brittany reveals that a stork made it's nest on top of her garage in preparation for the delivery of her baby boy. Seriously, the reactions to this were just priceless. This prompts Will to realise that Holly was right and that he needs to educate his students. Holly tells Will that educating children is similar to hiding vegetables in their food so they don't realise - trick them into taking what is good for them.

Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) - Joan Jett

Yes, perhaps a little inappropriate for a high-school Glee club with the leathers and sexy dancing, but we have to wait for the vegetable accompaniment. All the same another fun Glee song.

Sue pays Kurt a visit in the Dalton coffee shop hangout to share a little insider information about the New Directions, namely that they intend to do 'sexy songs' for the judges. Blaine is somehow swayed by Sue and insists that The Warblers try a few sexy songs.

Back at McKinley, Emma is annoyed that Will let Holly teach the New Directions about 'stuff'. So Will offers the celibacy club a chance to perform. Lauren Zeises wants to get famous like Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and that actor's daughter by making a sex tape with Puck. 

Animal - Neon Trees

Blaine has invited the girls from Dalton's sister school to test their sexual prowess.
I've never heard this song before and as always it's a little difficult to judge, but I do love The Warblers and although I didn't enjoy this song as much as their others, I did still enjoy it. Although the other boys (especially Blaine) are deemed exceedingly sexy by the girls, Kurt seems a little uncomfortable being sexy.

Brittany's pregnancy scare now over, she is fine to spend time with Santana again. Although this time she wants a little more than a few kisses, she wants to talk about feelings. Santana doesn't want to discuss how she feels about Brittany and she doesn't want her to be labelled by her either. Brittany, however suggests that they talk to an adult about their relationship.

Miss Holiday clues Puck and Zeises in on the risks of them making a sextape, mainly that as they are both underage it would be considered child porn, so the pair veto the idea of a sex tape Holly also offers Brittany and Santana advice about their relationship. Both girls admit that they are unsure of their sexuality - Santana isattracted to boys, girls and inanimate objects - and don't understand their feelings for each other, so Santana agrees to express her feelings through song.

Someone who is struggling to express himself through song is Kurt, who Blaine is trying to help with 'sexy face' lessons (I'm sure one could just consult a Megan Fox film/photo shoot and call it a day). Kurt still feels uncomfortable because he doesn't know anything about sex - he prefers romance, although who's to say that those two things are mutually exclusive?

Kiss - Prince

This is one of my favourite songs, so instinctively I wasn't going to love this. I did think that Gwyneth sounded really good, but I assumed that when Will said he was doing it as a tango he meant it in the same way 'Roxanne' by The Police was turned into a tango in the film Moulin Rouge. That would have been amazing, so I was a little disappointed. Also as a side note, how appropriate is two teachers kissing in front of the school band? Those poor kids have to witness a lot!

Speaking of...Blaine pays Burt Hummell a visit to talk about Kurt's discomfort when talking about sex. Now, it's probably not appropriate for Blaine to tell Burt how to educate his child, but I think it makes him a good friend to tell Burt how uncomfortable and uneducated Kurt is, especially as only last week Burt declared his ignorance as to what 'two guys do together'.

Landslide - Fleetwood Mac
(although the vocal arrangement is closer to the Dixie Chicks' version)

I've still not reached a point where I can listen to/watch this song without crying (which can only be a good thing). The glances between Santana and Brittany during this performance said so much, as one youtube commenter (yeah, I know) put it this has to be the most sincere love shown on the show - not simply with the concept of a (possible) lesbian relationship, but on a larger scale accepting one's feelings and almost allowing yourself to love someone. I feel like I could've done without Holly Holiday in the middle, but it was beautiful all the same. It's also the first Glee song to make it off my Itunes Glee playlist and on to one with 'normal' music.

I did notice that during the performance there a lot of almost knowing faces amongst the Glee members (other than Sam of course) so it makes me wonder if everyone else is aware of Santana and Brittany's relationship.

Puck has joined the celibacy club to set himself straight (can I go on the record as saying I'm not enjoying new Puck), understandably Puck's previous conquests, Quinn and Rachel, are both annoyed about his joining the club.

Afternoon Delight - Starland Vocal Band

Ha! (I know I'm not the only person who thinks of Anchorman when they hear this song) Ok, this was pretty hilarious. The clueless expressions of the celibacy club combined with Brittany's general cluelessness and everyone else's dumbfoundedness was just brilliant. Once Emma finds out what the song is really about Carl asks Holly to give Emma a little sex education.

Burt offers Kurt a little information in the form of leaflets from the Free Clinic, and Burt continues to be an awesome parent. Although, I'm not sure about his broad generalisations about men and women in relationships, it comes across as being very real; A parent simply trying to explain his experiences with his son the best he can. 

Back with Mr and Mrs Hottest Dentist Alive - actually two things; Weirdly John Stamos looks a lot like my childhood dentist and secondly whilst in the waiting room of my dental surgeery last week I saw a dentist that could most certainly give Stamos a run for his money as the hottest dentist alive. Anyway, Emma and Carl are already having problems with married life, they still haven't had sex. I'm really not into this storyline of the 30 year old virgin, who is super prudish about sex. Actually that being said all the virgins on this show are portrayed as being extremely prudish, suggesting that both these things are one and the same. The other thing that bothers me is how they are dragging this out to Will taking Emma's virginity, I'm assuming whilst laying on a bed of roses, with Michael Bolton playing in the background with mood lighting. I'm sorry Emma, you have become the new Finn and Rachel, like Carl, I don't care - sort yourself out and let me know when you're done.

Santana and Britanny finally talk. Santana realises that she loves Brittany despite being incredibly afraid of those feelings (this is also where I cried for a good five minutes). Although Brittany admits she feels the same way, she also admits that she feels the same about Artie, thus leaving Santana feeling rejected. Again on a larger scale I think so many can relate to this coupling; opening yourself to your own feelings and admitting them to the person you love in fear of being rejected or them not feeling the same way. Although I have complete faith in what the Glee creators are doing with Santana, I have to admit this scene broke my heart a little.

Zeises is annoyed with Puck about joining the celibacy club, but ultimately ends up joining also and now celibacy club is like a mini Glee club. Although Quinn is not being quite as chaste as she has been promising to her fellow club members. Have I mentioned that I'm also over the whole Quinn/Finn thing, because I really am. Funnily enough I pretty much hate all the Glee couples that involve Finn. Basically I don't like Finn.

Finally Holly is leaving again, just as Will is realising he loves her or something. Holly has also come to the realisation that she needs a real relationship - isn't that essentially what se realised last time?

And that was Sexy, aside from all the other stuff happening, another one of my favourite episodes - a good 40+ minutes for a Santana/Brittany fan. Also having now read my Gleecap, I urge you to go read Autostraddle's recap of the episode, because it really is quite good.

What did you think of the episode?

Next week the New Directions are at Regionals, Sectionals or whatever in 'Original Song'.

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