Friday, April 29

I ♥ Nottingham.

I thought today, a day when millions of eyes the world over are on the UK (hopefully not all of whom are like me and turned off the minute the service started), I would share a little bit about my little part of the UK - Nottingham.  

I think for some people it's easy to forget that you'll find much outside of London; Honestly I'm always a little disappointed when tourists talk of how often they've visited London, but never actually ventured outside of the capital - there is so much history and beauty outside of London that it always seems like such a shame not to step outside the bubble. 

There are always things that one would want to change about their hometown - there aren't enough of this, there's too much of that, but when it comes down to it, I'm a bit of a cheerleader for my hometown. A couple of weeks ago I spent a gorgeous Spring day walking around Nottingham City Centre with a visit to Nottingham Castle and Brewhouse Yard, and I thought I'd share a few pictures with you!

(more pictures after the jump)

I always remember complaining during school trips, that because of the amount of 'things' that we have in Nottinghamshire we never actually got to go anywhere else, but spending the day just wandering around 'The City of Robin Hood' it definitely made me appreciate it a lot more!

Brewhouse Yard Museum depicts the social history of Nottingham over the last 300 years and is housed in five 17th century cottages... Once used by the former residents, they now house museum displays including a reconstructed air raid shelter

Built behind the museum, into the base of Castle Rock, the caves provide much insight into the history of the site itself. Visitors are able to wander through the system that were once used for storage by the inhabitants of the cottages. They've also been used as a place for trade, as air raid shelters and even for cooking! 

You can read more about the history of Nottingham Castle here.


  1. Oh, I miss all of this! Brewhouse Yard is such a great museum, and the area around there and the castle is one of my favourite parts of Nottingham.

  2. Definitely. I love it too, I didn't get to take pictures but I love the part where you just leave The Park and come to all the cave walls - it's sort of eerily silent (and a bit dark), but really peaceful and pretty.

  3. Okay. Now I, too, am officially in love with Nottingham. I went once when I was 12 but I don't remember much, just the castle. I love that rhyme in the last photo. On my next trip to England, I'll have to make another visit. I only hope it soon!

    Just a Silhouette


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