Tuesday, April 5

Johan Thörnqvist

And so continues my obsession with illustration, although this time the illustrations are combined with pretty, dreamy photographs - obviously that's completely different!

These images are created by Swedish artist and illustrator Johan Thörnqvist. 
Johan combines extremely detailed and quirky illustrations with stunning, yet simple photography creating whimsical little worlds alongside the 'real world' - a microcosm within a microcosm!

"I get my inspiration from many places. I think the subscription part of my style is mostly inspired by comic books, while the color and tone comes from somewhere else. I love the atmosphere in such The Belville Triplets and games like Samorost and Machinarium."

I love that the innate detail is almost like looking through a 'Where's Wally' or Anthony Browne book - trying to stop the odd thing happening in the background or the odd little detail before someone else does!
"It can take anywhere from several hours to several days to get to a painting, I work in photoshop with my wacom citiq, which I am a bit in love with. The finished images can have up to 50 layers of color and texture. I begin by drawing lines and then I build up from below with color and shadows."

"The paintings almost always start with an idea. Sometimes it occurs to me only, and sometimes I go and pondering on a board a few days before I start. Then I am looking for suitable photographs - I use only free images - which I think could, sometimes I build up a picture of several."   

More from Johan Thörnqvist.

Benshi Interview [Swedish]

All images via Snarlik.se.
All quotes via Benshi.se.


  1. these are so cute!



  2. Aren't they? I love the little facial expressions on the people!


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