Monday, April 4

V-V-V-Vintage! - Part I

There were a few things I loved and discovered during the three years that I was a student: lie-ins, student discount, free stuff, student loans, the list goes on. But one of my favourite discoveries (and one of the first, during fresher's week in fact) was Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair.


Judy's Fairs visit several cities across the UK a few times during the year - as well as a one being introduced this summer in The Hamptons, NY, which I think sounds like it would be amazing to go to, if not only because it's in the Hamptons (FYI, all my Hamptons knowledge is based on watching Sex and the City and Gossip Girl). The fairs have got bigger and more popular the past few years that I have been going; This was my first time attending the Sheffield fair since graduating last year so I was super excited to find that the fair is now spread across three rooms in Workstation - it was actually massive!

I was also pretty delighted to finally visit the tea-rooms for the first time!

As always, I had lots of fun visiting the fair on Saturday and picking up a couple of bargains (stay tuned for a peak at what I bought, later on in the week). I'd love to visit the furniture flea too and really love to visit a few other cities too - I'm already planning my next visit! So thanks to Judy, Kieran, everybody on the Judy's team, my friend Alex (who came with me) and all the sellers for a lovely day!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I've spotted so many little trinkets I could get into and the tea room looks like a dream... Thanks for the shout out! I am now following you, super cute blog. I really love the header. I love DB!
    Hope you have a good week,
    Just a Silhouette

  2. I know I can definitely spend far too much at Vintage fairs - I especially get distracted by shiny things!
    You're welcome Alice, I love reading your blog and thanks for the follow!
    Have a great week too!


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