Saturday, April 9

V-V-V-Vintage! - Part II: A Bonus Outfit Post

So, as I mentioned in part one, I purchased a couple of irresistible items that I could not leave despite telling myself that I wouldn't buy anymore clothes for a while, but like I said, these were irresistible!

Yes, that is a bright yellow jumpsuit (or as my mum's friend called it, a 'boiler suit', which doesn't make it sound attractive at all). I've become a bit of a playsuit/jumpsuit fanatic since they've come back into fashion, so this is being added to the collection! I love it because it makes me look like an 80's children's TV presenter (the name Floella Benjamin is being thrown around a lot) - it's just so beautifully brash!

I love this because it reminds me of something my maternal grandmother (or my mum) would wear (I don't know why but also makes me a feel a bit like an extra in Pretty Woman); It's the perfect spring/summer dress light, airy and really comfortable - plus I love polka dots! (oh and it was a bargain at £6. As Alex told me, I couldn't afford not to buy it!

I wouldn't hesitate to tell you that I'm a huge bargain shopper, case in point - I don't pay full price on the high-street, ever (ok maybe a couple of times a year, but it's a rare occurrence). I'm definitely one of those people who feels like they've won a prize if I manage to buy an entire outfit for dirt cheap, we're talking less than £10 (minus shoes of course, I don't buy cheap shoes)! Plus the fact that it's sort of environmentally friendly/sustainable eases my shopping guilt a little, it's like 'off-setting' or something!

Now, I wouldn't suggest that I'm an expert when it comes to vintage shopping, but I do it quite a bit so I thought I'd offer a few tips for shopping at vintage fairs.
  1. Try things on! We hear about it all the time, but vintage sizing is very different to modern sizes - they usually come up smaller - so it is definitely essential to try before you buy!
  2. With that in my mind don't wear too many layers or overdress if you're intending to try things on - wear something you can slip on and off (unfortunately I didn't take my own advice this time and had an awkward moment with a pair of tights and the above jumpsuit).
  3. Go early! I don't like to rush and I don't like crowds so I like to turn up at opening time when its not too busy. Plus sellers don't tend to reduce prices at the end of the day so you're more likely to get a bargain in the morning.
  4. Be prepared for lots of rummaging - bring your poker face, ipod, a bottle of water or whatever helps you to focus.
  5. Remember if you really love something you aren't likely to be able to get it again, so always consider if an item can be altered.
  6. Clue yourself up on a few terms that you'll find at the fair. 'Vintage' is used to define clothing from a previous era. 'Reworked Vintage' is typically used when vintage clothing has been customised or when vintage fabric is used to create an item of clothing. 'Retro' denotes an item that has been designed in the style of those from a previous era.
(outfit photos taken by my younger brother - he really wanted an image credit!)


  1. oh great finds, thanks so much for the vintage shopping tips AND the lingo! super helpful thanks for sharing!



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