Friday, May 20

Abigail McKenzie Illustration

As I've told you before, I am a bit obsessed with fashion illustration - the one thing I can't do, but would desperately want to do. Of course due to my obsession I spend far too much time fawning over other people's illustrations. At the moment my obsession du jour is Abigail McKenzie; Having 'favourited' so many of her images on Flickr and blogging even more on Tumblr, I thought it was about time I did a proper blog dedicated to her work!

(a few more images after the jump)

As Abigail tells us on her profile, she 'specialises in making feminine imagery of wonderful things and beautiful ladies', which you can certainly see from her gorgeous illustrations of some quite iconic women. The fact that Abigail's subjects wonderful, delicate and beautiful things, really fits so well with her illustration style, which I'm assuming are created using water-colours, which at first glance appear very soft and graceful, but also with incredible depth.

More from Abigail McKenzie Illustration:


All images via Abigail McKenzie Illustration on Flickr.
All images © Abigail McKenzie.


  1. Waw, sooo pretty. Especially the 'scrapbook' inspiration pages! x

  2. So beautiful! I adore the 'Whatever Happened to Marilyn Monroe' image.


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