Wednesday, May 4

I Like Your Style: Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross

You might have noticed from the last name or perhaps you noticed by, well, her face that Tracee Ellis Ross is in fact the daughter of music icon Diana Ross (and music manager Robert Ellis Silberstein). You may also recognise her from a couple of Kanye West's videos (Touch the Sky and The New Workout Plan); Although the majority of you will probably recognise her as actress Tracee Ellis Ross, who played the lead role in the successful American sitcom Girlfriends (Which, since Trouble shut-down, is really difficult to find on UK television, so if anyone knows how I can watch it please do let me know).

I love Tracee's style because she always looks sophisticated and incredibly well-put together, whilst still effortlessly wearing really fun and quirky clothes. Tracee dresses how I wish I could dress now - if I wasn't so lazy and actually had anywhere to go other than the supermarket - and how I hope I continue to dress when I'm approaching 40.

That is why, Tracee Ellis Ross, I like your style.

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My mother always told me, “You judge people for who they are, not what’s on the outside.” - Tracee Ellis Ross

Kanye West - Touch the Sky

(all images via Tumblr)


  1. Love her hair in the first photo! Pretty :)

  2. I love her hair too, I've 'pinned' (on pinterest) quite a few pictures of her on my hair and beauty page - definitely my new hair inspiration.


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