Monday, May 9

Mr. Men & Little Miss: Google Doodles

Mr Bump
Today would have been Mr Men and Little Miss book creator Roger Hargreaves' 76th birthday, to celebrate Google have changed their logo (or Google Doodles as they are sometimes known) to feature different characters form the book series. 

Like so many children I was quite obsessed with the Mr Men & Little Miss series - and spent a lot of time trying to decide which Little Miss I was (usually Little Miss Fickle, ironically) - so I spent a while refreshing Google's homepage this morning to see every variation of the design. I thought I'd share them with those who don't have the patience and/or apparent spare time that I do.

Mr. Messy
Little Miss Tiny
Mr Rush
 (see the rest after the jump)

Mr. Forgetful

Mr. Funny

Mr. Slow

Mr. Tickle
Mr. Uppity & Little Miss Naughty

Mr. Happy

Little Miss Shy

Little Miss Sunshine

Mr Dizzy

Little Miss Curious
Little Miss Magic
Little Miss Chatterbox
Read more about Mr Men and Little Miss on the official website.

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