Wednesday, May 25

This Week I Have Mostly...

  • I've hit the 'teen movie' section of my film want to see list, and have inevitably discovered a few more teen films that slipped under my radar. During the past week I have watched Drive Me Crazy, Sugar & Spice, Jawbreaker, Election, Teaching Mrs Tingle and Can't Hardly Wait (I'm sure they're all a retro review/film inspiration post in the making). As I'm on a bit of a roll at the moment, can you recommend any teen films that I may not have seen? Obviously, the cheesier the better!
  • I'm back to being addicted to The Apprentice. Have you been watching? At the moment my favourite is Tom the inventor, because he is just bizarrely adorable (I did like Gavin {spoiler} but obviously he's been fired{end spoiler}; I really don't like Vincent and Susan - Vincent is the walking definition of the phrase 'makes my skin crawl', he's such a sleaze and everyone keeps talking about how Susan is the youngest, in my opinion she acts it - like a petulant child! Do you have a favourite yet?
  • I have talked about my love for McFly many time on this here blog, so you will not be surprised to hear that I have started watching their new channel 5 reality show McFly On The Wall. At the moment it's quite focused on Dougie's visit to the priory, but I'm looking forward to getting a behind the scenes look at the band as they always seem like really good friends and such good fun!
  • I've listened to a lot of Barbra Streisand, possibly to counteract the amount of Barbra songs that Lea Michele sings on Glee; She was starting to make me hate Barbra's songs (and yes I wanted an excuse to sneak a Barbra Streisand picture on my blog). Speaking of Glee, I will hopefully start up on Gleecaps again before the series is up, but as I've said before it is quite time consuming and I'm quite busy at the moment!
  • I bought new shampoo and conditioner! This is all very exciting, but I'll expand on that later on in the week!
Are you having a nice week? Any plans this Bank Holiday Weekend?
I hope you have a fun-filled time whatever you are doing!

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