Wednesday, June 22

I Like This Video: Nicola Roberts - Beat of My Drum

I'm not currently sold on the song just yet, but I love the video for Nicola Roberts' debut solo single 'Beat of My Drum'. 

You may recognise Nicola as one fifth of, I think, defunct girl-band Girls Aloud (I don't know/care what they are doing). I certainly could never be described as a Girls Aloud fan, ever - I explained a little why in my Spice Girls post, the rest of the reasoning is mostly to do with my immense dislike for Cheryl Cole. I do however regularly admit to liking Nicola; Nicola was my favourite during Popstars the Rivals (the show through which Girls Aloud were formed) and I have to admit I'm still quite fond of her. Whilst the rest of the girls have gone down that Footballers Wife route style-wise and life-wise, whether married to a footballer or not. Nicola, however ditched the fake tan and the tacky highlights pretty early on to favour a more natural, 'fashiony' look, becoming a popular spotting around London Fashion Week and launching her make-up range, Dainty Doll

As I said, I'm not completely sold on the song - I think it requires a few more listens, but you can't fault a bit of Diplo and the chorus reminds me of Justice's D.A.N.C.E. I do however love the video, it's a bit like the toned down, English version of Rihanna's 'Rude Boy' video - instead of the warm and tropical climate, it's in a church hall and is filled with pastels instead of bright and bold colours, it is however, ultimately a striking and fun video.

Beat of My Drum is out now.
Nicola's debut album Cinderella's Eyes is out later this year. 

(Click through to see Nicola's Behind the Scenes video for Beat of My Drum)

Nicola Roberts (official site)


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