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My Style Icons: An Unreal Continuation - Belle du Jour

Well, well I haven't done one of these for a while!  
You can see previous Style Icon posts here. But for now, let's just get on with it, shall we?

My Style Icons: An Unreal Continuation
Part II: Belle/Hannah
(Secret Diary of a Call Girl - tv series)

Secret Diary of a Call Girl is based on the blog and books of the (previously) anonymous sex worker better known as Belle Du Jour. 

Belle/Hannah probably seems like an odd choice for a style icon post seeing as it's pretty much her job to be to be in various states of undress. However, as a 'high-class' call girl with a high fee, Belle's wardrobe is equally high class.

I must admit that during series' one and two I actually found Belle's outfits, well, a little 'hookerish; and tacky (although the divide between Belle and Hannah was more obvious). It would seem that Belle went under a bit of a makeover at the beginning of series 3 as her wardrobe (figurative and literally) transformed from being a bit cheap looking to very classy and essentially a lot less like a stereotypical prostitute.

"In a world of children in bikinis and grandmothers in f*ck-me boots, the surest way to tell a prostitute is to look for the woman in the designer suit."
I've got a bit of a soft spot for anyone who accessorises like they were a magpie in a past life (see here and here) and that fact spreads to fictional people - from massive earrings and killer heels to glittering brooches and quirky hair-pieces, Belle is always beautifully bejewelled and adorned.

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The main difference between the Call Girl (Belle) and the real girl (Hannah) are the subtle changes in her style. In the first two series' Hannah's apartment is, literally, divided between her work life and her real life - the contrast in the way she dresses is even more obvious. Belle wears slinky dresses, stiletto heel and red lipstick; Hannah wear jeans or jogging bottoms and doesn't bother doing her hair. In the final two series' however the differences aren't quite as obvious, but if you look close enough, Hannah wears simple, sometimes sweet clothes - simple lines and 'girly' clothing, whereas Belle favours bold prints, layers of statement jewellery and more fitted, slinky clothing.

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NB: Belle/Billie Piper isn't the only stylish one on Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Ashley Madekwe who plays Bambi (and dates Ben/Iddo Goldberg in real life) has her own fashion blog - Ring My Bell.



  1. What? Bambi and Ben in real life? That's funny. I liked Bambi, she should come back.

    I love Belle/Hannah's steeze... and her house in the latest season. I was recently bored by what was being offered on TV so I watched all of Secret Diary over, and if there's one thing you have to give them kudos for, it's the styling, even if the whole show is style over substance. The plot is all over the place and makes no sense... but there's just so much pretty, I couldn't look away!

    Good post! Also, thanks for your comment. I agree. Yes, everyone should have the right to take that risk. Is it legal in UK yet?

    I think you can have the romance and commitment without the marriage, but if you do, then it's like you're already married, why not just have a party? I know that that's the consumer in me talking but I just don't understand why my sister, who has been with the same guy for 14 years, who fathered her children, won't just throw the goddamn party!

    Either way, you don't know if it will last and the option of breaking up will always loom about when things get tough... it must be to just keep making the decision to stay... to forbear. That's commitment right? To not give up. So if you're truly committed, than what's to stop you from signing a contract? If you break up, then were you really that committed to begin with? Maybe my idea of commitment has now become too idealistic, or maybe marriage is just for the believers.

    I hate to bring God into this, but maybe marriage is only for those who comfortable with having blind faith in the unknown... for the religious? The idea was created by them. Personally, I am not comfortable with blind faith.

    So does that mean the idea is really antiquated and unnecessary and that we're just influenced by a consumptive society to buy into the romance (and possibly the idea of perfection) and consequentially blow a ton of money on a party with all the trimmings? Is it all advertising? More style over substance.... *Sigh*

    Oh my Mary Tyler Moore, I'm so sorry I just Dear Diary-ed all over your Comments. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on this, though. I might have made some crazy conclusions...

    Just a Silhouette

  2. Thank you!

    Yes Bambi and Ben. I was quite excited when I found out. I was sad that she wasn't in the 4th series - she was my favourite character.

    It definitely is style over substance (the plot is incredibly drawn out and repetitive), but the styling is just so on point - and it got so much better as the series went on. I love that there were a lot more vintage influences in S3 and S4.

    In regards to your post. Firstly, yup, Civil Partnership is legal in the UK

    Hah, I wanted to say that in my original comment but I didn't want to offend anyone, I completely agree - why not have a party? I think if we can celebrate every year we get older, why not celebrate the fact that you've been in a relationship for quite a while, in this day and age I think it's quite an achievement.

    "Either way, you don't know if it will last and the option of breaking up will always loom about when things get tough... it must be to just keep making the decision to stay... to forbear. That's commitment right? To not give up."

    I think that's so true, it's the idea of a marriage contract that is a stickler for me. Perhaps I'm being truly idealistic and overly sentimental by saying that I think it's incredibly romantic to say forget the contract that suggests that marriage (or love) can be legally bound, but I think I also have a very single-minded (perhaps naive) view that marriage should be forever, or why bother (I blame Disney). I suppose it's also naive of me to think that nothing will go wrong and not believing that you have to protect yourself from that.

    I also have to agree with you on the religious point. I'm not even sure if I believe in 'a god' let alone whether said 'god' finds marriage an essential part of a relationship. If someone does believe, that's great, but I think for so many people it's not about religion any more, for some it doesn't even seem as if it's about love anymore. I see all these wedding sites/magazines etc covering huge weddings filled with designer dresses, shoes, jewellery, suits etc, with hundreds of guests (this coming from someone who deleted about 200 friends because I barely remembered who they were) and wonder "why are you doing this". Going back to the whole party concept. I'd love to do that with family and close friends who know me and my hypothetical long-term partner/husband, but beyond that; adding all the 'trimmings', it seems impersonal and a bit fake.

    Honestly, thank you for commenting and replying, Alice. It's a topic close to my heart - I'm an incredible romantic, but I think I've also become a lot more cynical as I've got older (again, I blaming Disney). It's a topic that I constantly change my opinion on, even reading through your comment I've rethought my opinion, and I'm sure I'll change it again!

  3. Hey Safiya,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Yes, I agree with you that for most, God or love has nothing or little to do with it anymore... I also think my opinion will change a million times... I say we reconvene in 10 years to see what's changed - if we're married and why we decided to do it, not do it, if our ideas now seem idealistic to our future selves. It would be interesting to see the differences. Anywhoozers.

    Thanks for the dialogue! It's so rare to actually converse with fellow bloggers. It was an enjoyable experience!

    Have a great week!
    Just a Silhouette


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