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Reasons Why I Love Menswear.


(Marc by Marc Jacobs, Fall 2011)

In recent weeks (or even months) I've become a little bored of fashion.

Stuff in the shops seem a little boring, I've stopped buying magazines for the same reasons (and a little because of this) and well, I'm sick of fashion blogs.

Fashion blogs have been my main source of fashion information (outside of for a while now, but recently I've become a little tired of seeing outfit upon outfit, picture upon picture of the same pretty, pouting poseurs with nothing interesting to say; The same reason why I'm reluctant to do outfit posts on a regular basis. I will admit there are a few I love - Blair's posts always feature interesting musings and I'm very much enjoying following her book posts. Lauren has a completely different approach to what she wears. Pretty Things shares her vast collection of amazing accessories. Whereas Karla, Ashley and Marie post sporadically enough that I don't tire of their gorgeous style. The rest? Let me say I have renamed going through my blog reader every morning as 'trawling', trying to find the gems amongst everything else.

I've always loved fashion (or clothes, I should say) from a very young age, but as a girl with an older brother and a lot of older male cousins, aside all the extremely pretty dresses my mother made me wear, I wore a lot of hand-me-downs and the majority of them came from the boys in my family - so as you can imagine their clothes sort-of outnumbered the fluffy dresses and tutus I owned. Regardless of how often I get tired of womenswear, I never tire of looking at men's clothes (perhaps it's because I don't really wear men's clothes).

So allow me to explain a few of the reasons why I love Menswear.


For me menswear is about classic, well made pieces, perhaps with some variation like a change of material or cut. No frills, no fuss - no tassels, no fringing, no heavy hardware, no cut-outs... I'm sure you see where I'm going here. The fact that something so stunning in appearance can be made from the right cuts and lines is quite awe inspiring.

Male Models.

I'm a girl. I'm a girl, who likes boys. Most importantly, I'm a girl who likes boys with pretty faces. Therefore, I can't deny I love a male model (if you want specifics I'm quite a big George Barnett fan). If I knew any, I believe I'd be what they call a 'serial modelizer'. There is nothing more lovely than seeing a gorgeous man striding towards you (or down a runway) in a beautifully fitted suit.
Tommy Ton for 

A well dressed man is, for want of a better word, a bit hot. 

To illustrate this point, see above. That would be my 'imaginary fashion boyfriend' Josh Peskowitz, the style director at Gilt, but you already know that if you follow me on Tumblr (and pay attention to my general ramblings). You can also refer to the previous point, but whether the gentleman is a male model or not I genuinely believe any man who is well styled/dressed instantly becomes more attractive.

Men don't (seem) to take it too seriously.

Perhaps I don't socialise in the right circles (and to be honest, thank goodness) the men I know who express an interest in fashion, don't express it as a matter of life and death in the same way that many females I know do. As previously mentioned, you only have to look at the thousands of female bloggers who post regular outfit posts, they may look lovely - and really a lot of them do - but you can't help wishing they'd crack a smile once in a while (or at least stop trying so hard). Womenswear designers have a habit of making their designs/looks incredibly exclusive - you have to be a certain shape, height, weight, even colour - Menswear runaways/editorials always seem a lot more inclusive, granted they aren't above a certain weight limit but they always appear a lot more diverse than womenswear.

The Fashionisto.

D&G, Fall 2011

More Menswear.


  1. So true of the fashion blogs - I barely click any on my bloglovin updates at the moment because everything looks the same. It's the reason I don't post any outfit photos on my blog, because I don't feel that i could pull off the 'blogger pose', and I'd feel ridiculous pouting at the camera. It's also why I've recently been avoiding twitter on a Sunday night, because the bblogger hashtag thing makes me wonder why I even bother blogging in the first place, when 'big' bloggers are giving out tips that just make little blogs feel like having a blog at all is utterly pointless. Gah. /rantover

  2. It really isn't a slight on any particular blog and goodness knows I understand that sometimes it's hard to be inspired thrice weekly. I just wish that all these seemingly intelligent females across the web had something a little more to say, other than 'Ooh, cute shoes". I haven't seen that on Twitter, but I shall know to avoid it now! It's nice to know it's not just me, and please do rant away - it's nice not to be on my own out on this limb!

  3. a well-dressed man is hot! agreed. also agreed with the statement about having trouble finding inspiration. it comes and goes...hopefully it will come back for you soon!

  4. The man in the navy blue slim fit suit was like Justin Timberlake, really hot cuttie!


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