Monday, June 27

Recently, I Have Mostly..

Yup, it's a recently post again. Hopefully this will make my life sound slightly more interesting than it does in the weekly posts let's see shall we?

  • I've eaten yummy food with friends. I went to Pizza Express with Tash on a very rainy Sunday (made infinitely better by finding £5 on the floor); I'm sure everyone is clued in on all the offers that they have at Pizza Express - I've been getting the newsletter for a couple of years and I finally got to use one! Later on in the week I got a surprise visit from my friend Roscoe  (I haven't seen her for 2 years, so it was a very nice surprise). As well as showing her a few Nottingham sights we had brunch at Alley Cafe (which is a really nice vegetarian/vegan cafe), we walked up a bit more of an appetite and had dinner at Gourmet Burger Kitchen; the walk was definitely necessary before eating the massive, and extremely yummy burgers (served by an equally yummy waiter/server),  I had the Malay burger and plate of chips, which was then washed down by an after dinner Oreo milkshake, of course - I still felt full the next day! Both days were lots of fun, I think whether you see a friend every couple of weeks or every couple of years, the sign of a true friend is when it doesn't feel like you haven't seen them for a while and you just slip into the same comfortable conversation and routine of having fun doing nothing.
  • I've also been eating a lot of fresh fruit. It's summer, sort-of, and my favourite fruits are in-season or at least they seem to be very well stocked in Sainsbury's! I've been munching on nectarines, pineapple, cherries and of course, strawberries.

  • Still on food, I've been making chocolate covered pretzels on almost a weekly basis. My mum and I were addicted to Pretzel Flipz when they first came out quite a few years ago, so we were really annoyed when they discontinued them, that was until I realised that they are probably the most easy things to make - pretzels, dipped in melted chocolate and chilled. Since that realisation, I've been making them all the time - the combination of sweet and salty is so addictive!
  • I didn't go to Glastonbury. This may seem like an odd point (don't worry I won't list everything I haven't done), but I mentioned a couple of times late last year/early this year that I was going, but after some deliberation, I changed my mind and decided not to go. With the money I didn't spend on going and everything that accompanies that I am nearly ready to do my practical driving test, so certainly no regret in that department (also I never was too big on the idea of living in a field for four days).
  • Sort of music related, I broke my earphones. Or I should say my earphones decided to stop working through no fault of my own. I seem to go through a lot of earphones and I refuse to believe it's just a 'me thing'. So, if anyone has any recommendations please let me know - I have quite small ears so they have to be in-ear and I like high-quality sound (I've been quite pleased with Sennheiser earphones previously).
  • I finally went to see X Men: First Class, and absolutely loved it! I liked that the pace was a little different to typical Superhero/Action films, sometimes they leave you not really understanding why everything is blowing up, but I thought there was a nice balance of story, humour and action - and I find the back story behind Erik and Charles Xavier quite interesting - X Men were always my favourite super heroes growing up - possibly thanks to far too much time on Marvel Universe. The only things that bugged me in the film were Zoe Kravitz's character, Angel Salvadore, who just seemed a bit pointless and January Jones (Emma Frost); who apparently has been tricking us into thinking she was fantastic at playing the cold and lifeless Betty in Mad Men, when really that was just her not so great acting.
  • Still with films I've finally watched. I got Morning Glory on DVD, which stars Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton and Harrison Ford, and having only got it about two weeks ago I have almost definitely watched it about 8 times already. It's not too 'chick-flicky', it's quite funny, Diane Keaton is brilliant and I will watch anything with Rachel McAdams in, anything, she is far too adorable.
  • Again, on the same point. I recently rediscovered all my old Disney videos (yup, VHS) and have enjoyed re-watching a few of them: Beauty & The Beast, Mulan, 101 Dalmatians and, one of my top three favourite Disney films, The Rescuers; which features most of my all time favourite Disney songs (the rest of my favourite Disney songs are actually in my other three favourites - The Little Mermaid, Hercules and Aladdin), in particular 'Tomorrow is Another Day', also possibly the most obscure Disney song!
  • I don't really 'do' makeup - I don't really see much point in spending time every morning putting it on when you can use that time getting more sleep and therefore looking more refreshed and relaxed than makeup could ever make you look. That being said, I quite enjoy having a bit of fun with make-up before a night out, normally that'll consist of glitter in it's various forms. So with the intent of shaking things up a bit, I bought the Wink Marker Pen by Barry M, and am actually surprised by how much I enjoy using it. I've always struggled a bit with eyeliner, but I love this - goes on really easily, cleans up well and is easy to use!
And that's the lot! This week I shall be camped out on my sofa watching week two of Wimbledon - I know it's quite predictable but I love watching Federer and Nadal and the  Williams sisters playing each other respectively, so those are my hopes for the final. 

Hope you have a great week whatever you do!

(PS. I'm back on the 'net now so posts should be back to a normal pace in the next few days)



  1. I completely agree with your January Jones assessment! I came to the same realization when I saw her as Emma Frost. And on the Etsy front, I love Frosted Willow, too. I've been debating which item to get and your post reminded me that I have to make up my mind.

  2. I don't like Emma Frost as an X-Men character aside from this film, but January just add (or took away) another level, she sounded bored throughout the whole film! I'm trying to decide between the Frosted Willow bracelets too - I've narrowed it down to the Maylana or the winged one. I suppose I could always buy both!


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