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Vintage Grapes.

With Pitti Uomo and Paris (Menswear) fashion week just finishing I still haven't come down from my Men's Fashion high from a couple of weeks ago. It was during this time that I found out about Menswear company Vintage Grapes, and I couldn't resist doing a little feature here.

Vintage Grapes Clothier, founded in 2009, is a premier luxury garment brand based in Connecticut, USA. The brand aims to embody the sophistication of the vineyard lifestyle. 

I love that despite the collection features classic and timeless pieces, they also have nostalgic air . Their collections remind me of the photos of my Grandparents and their generation, in a crisp suit and tie. It almost seems that these days we've lost our sense of occasion, wearing jeans whenever possible; for me Vintage Grapes embodies a time when people made an effort, but moreover looked confident, comfortable and elegant. 

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Vintage Grapes' Spring/Summer 2011 collection entitled “Return of the Elegant” - featuring polished woven dress shirts, signature handcrafted neckwear, and classic double pleated bottoms - completely embodies the nostalgic mentality, it really is a return to classic, elegant styles.

Founder, Jared Dye, shares his tips on how to live the Vintage Grapes lifestyle 
(text via Definitive Touch):

 1. Make not only a great first impression with your outer appearance, but be sure to also make a great lasting, lifelong impression with your inner appearance: character.

2. Be confident and comfortable in your own skin; success comes in cans, not can’ts. Always dress for success.
3. A true gentleman knows the value of a good tailor and upon finding one develops that relationship as he would any business relationship.
4. Everything has its place. With that said, when opting to wear a necktie, be sure that the end of your tie always meets the top of your belt. With regard to placement of a tie-clip, the tie-clip should be placed about two-thirds of the way down the tie.
5. Love all, trust a few. Do wrong to none. William Shakespeare (1564 – 1616)

More From Vintage Grapes:

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