Saturday, June 4

[You're Not From] Brighton.

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I spent my Bank Holiday in Brighton. The week prior to that, however was spent with one eye on the weather forecast as it to-and-fro'd between rain, cloudy skies and well, more rain. Thankfully it didn't rain (not until we were on our way home again that is), but it was pretty overcast and gloomy all day - as you can probably tell from my photos!

As a someone from 'slap-bang' in the middle of the Midlands every now and again I feel it's necessary to make a pilgrimage to go look at the sea, but nine times out of ten I wonder why I bother, this was one those times. Although I enjoy spending time in Brighton (and I'm actually quite fond of the English seaside when it's cold and gloomy), the trip was a bit of a downer all around; which of course isn't helped by the fact that I find Brighton vintage shops a bit overpriced. 

I did however manage to pick up these shoes (in patent red, of course!) and discovered a new favourite food - frozen yoghurt - thanks to Lick Yoghurt!

The West Pier, which you can read about here, caught fire three times in 2003.

Can't resist taking pictures of graffiti, especially when it's this cute!

Have a Great Weekend!


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