Monday, July 25

So What If I Like Pretty Things.

I've been a little awol around these parts recently; firstly I got accepted onto my MA course, so I have been celebrating by going through the incredibly long reading list I was sent by my new senior lecturer. Although, mainly, I've been having problems with my macbook - or my macbook power cable, which 7 months ago was brand spanking new and now it is refusing to work. So as you can imagine I was not too pleased - but for the time being I have been lent a new power cable from some lovely friends!

During this short absence I found a bit of time to buy new stuff, namely stuff of the shiny variety (I also bought Rufus Wainwright's album "Want One", hence the title)! There is a fantastic accessories shop, Sian's, near me that sells jewellery seconds for around £1 each - I can't leave without about five different pieces each visit.

1. Earrings. I have a bit of a thing for heart-shaped jewellery, seriously, this must be my sixth/seventh pair of heart-shaped earrings. Let's not even start with the heart rings, necklaces and brooches! I love that you can see the wood grain on these.
2. Earrings. These sort of reminded me of Roman armour.
3. Fly Ring. Sort of reminded me of this bracelet that Taylor Tomasi Hill has.
4. Claw Ring. Not my usual style, but I actually really like it.
5. Bracelets (l-r). Vintage gold bracelet found for two for 50p each. Friendship bracelet given to me by a friend, surprisingly. String bracelets all picked up for £1 each in the Topshop sale. There were two of the one with the gold cubes, but I gave one to my sister (which she decided to wear to school and got told to cut off by one of her teachers).

Now I'm officially back on my spending ban, other than a new screen for my cracked Iphone (I felt like crying) and a basic white tee/vest top for going out on my friends birthday in a couple of weeks, I am officially saving my money for a rainy day, which considering the recent weather is an extreme likelihood!


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