Wednesday, August 10

Positive Thoughts.

 Sending love and positive thoughts to those in areas affected by the riots across the UK - I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Here in Nottingham the Notts Police (special constables etc) are doing a great job around the city, whilst keeping everyone continuously updated; you can follow their updates via their Tumblr account. On the same note I couldn't pass up an opportunity to make you all smile (surely we need it). 

Michael Landy’s project Acts of Kindness is a celebration of compassion and generosity, inviting us to notice acts of kindness however simple and small. The artist explains, ‘Sometimes we tend to assume that you have to be superhuman to be kind, rather than just an ordinary person.’ So, to unsettle that idea, Acts of Kindness catches those little exchanges that are almost too fleeting and mundane to be noticed or remembered.

Although Landy's project focuses on the London Underground, it's such an important message to live by wherever you are.

A few stories from the site:

I was waiting on the platform of the Underground station one hot summer's day,when a young man came up to me and put his hand down the back of my dress.I started to reel away in shock, when he pulled out his hand, and closed in his fist was a bee which he'd just caught flying down my frock.  

I cried on the Victoria line, last Friday. Boy trouble. When I got off at Stockwell a girl of about 22 came running up to me to see if I was OK. She gave me a hug and looked right into my tear soaked eyes and said 'sometimes you just need a hug from a random stranger on the tube.' As she walked off in the opposite direction I realised she was right. She'll never know how much her kindness meant to me.

One morning on a busy District Line train to work, we were just pulling our of Earl's Court when there was suddenly lots of shouting at the end of the carriage - somehow, a mother and her young son had been separated, with the mother still on the platform and the son on the train. Everyone in the carriage reacted quickly, and all the emergency levers were pulled, stopping the train. We all made way for the boy to be let off, and mother and son were reunited, thanks to the quick reactions of a few commuters.
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Returning to work after this intense period of activity and grief following the death of my husband's dad I stepped onto the tube at Seven Sisters and felt sadness rush through me. I covered my face with my hands and cried. As the train pulled into Victoria I was momentarily engulfed in a soft, warm and perfumed embrace. When I looked up I saw a woman in a fur coat swish through the closing doors. An angel of compassion. I will never forget that moment.

I was attending wedding alone and this would have been the first "event" as it was without my ex, I was dreading the occasion. Confidence was low, rifling through my handbag I had lost my compact mirror. I peered into the tube window to try and make out my refection, when an elderly gentleman told me I looked wonderful, that act of kindness gave me such confidence.

On a Friday night I boarded the train dressed up ready to go out and thinking I looked the bee’s knees. A woman came up to me, and very kindly, and quietly, told me I had my skirt tucked into my knickers.

You can read more random acts here.
(found via Cellardoor)

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