Wednesday, August 17

Wistow Maize Maze.

So, last week Monday we (we being myself, my mum, brother, sister, three aunts and a cousin) spent the day at Wistow Maize Maze in Leicestershire. The design for the maze is changed every summer, when we went it was in the shape of a honey bee to raise awareness for the 'Save the Honey Bee Campaign'.Wistow Maze has over 3 miles of paths and incorporates high level bridges and viewing towers - its also deceivingly large, we took quite a few wrong turns and even lost my brother!

We also went to the Wistow Rural Centre, which is across the road from the maze and has, amongst other things a café, garden centre and a model village.

(more pictures after the jump)
Mini Wistow Village

We had a great day out at Wistow - I would definitely recommend a visit if you're nearby!


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