Tuesday, September 6

Little Boxes.

So, I'm back! Not that I actually went anywhere, but I'm back with a new power adaptor, which sounds incredibly boring. Actually, ignore that, I'm back from monitoring the mating rituals of tortoises on the Galapagos Islands. 

Phew, those tortoises and their hijinks!

Whilst away (*wink*wink*) I received a couple of interesting boxes in the post that I really wanted to share with you!

Mystery Box No.1

If you follow make-up brand Models Own on their Facebook page you will have noticed that they were running a 50% off sale to all of their Facebook friends, over the Bank Holiday Weekend. Models Own has steadily become one of my favourite nail polish brands so I couldn't resist taking advantage of the sale. I was a little wary that because of the huge demand I would be waiting a while for my order, but they came in three days (officially the shortest wait time for anything I've ever ordered). They also came in that nice little box up there. So I just wanted to join the chorus of people singing the praises of Models Own and their fabulously organised sale.

Top Image (left to right)
Juicy Jules, Magenta Divine, Pink Fizz.

I told myself never, ever to buy any more glitter polishes, ever. Anyone who has tried to remove glitter polish will understand. But as you can clearly see, I caved, big time. I saw Magenta Divine in a magazine a while ago and it was love at first sight. Magenta Divine is a fuschia (with a tinge of purple) glitter, and it really is divine. Juicy Jules is a holographic type silver glitter, and is absolutely gorgeous when it catches the light.  Pink Fizz is an aptly named pink champagne coloured glitter. All of them take a few coats to achieve a block colour look; I also bought Seche Vite top coat a couple of weeks ago, which has definitely made the removal a lot easier.

(info on the bottom image, a couple more polishes and mystery box number 2 after the jump)
Bottom Image (left to right):
Gold Rush, Cherry Pie, 25 Carat Gold
I've never been one for gold polish, I don't know why but it's never appealed to me. Now all of a sudden I have two! Thanks to my not too great photo they look quite similar - Gold Rush is however a shimmery gold whereas 25 Carat Gold is more of a matte gold. Both are gorgeous on. Cherry Pie, which was actually bought with my mum in mind, is sort of burgundy with gold shimmer. Possibly my least favourite of the ones I bought as it dries quite matte on its own and I'm not a huge fan of shimmer, but it looks really nice on my mum.

Pink Punch and Fluro' Orange. (l-r)
I have been wanting a neon polish for quite a while now, so I couldn't resist buying these two! Pink Punch photographs terribly (honestly, this isn't just my cameraphone), in reality it's a really vibrant, neon pink. Whereas, Fluro Orange photographs perfectly, if not slightly less vibrant than it truly is - I have to confess I hated all orange polish before this one (being completely honest, I still do), but I am in love with this polish - it's so bright and somehow manages to get brighter in the light! 

And that's the lot a pretty decent order if I do say so myself. At the moment I'm just wearing the colours as they are, but I will no doubt be trying some nail art, which I normally post on my nail blog, here.

Mystery Box No. 2

Another pretty package! 

I had signed up for a free membership to the Art Fund pass over the summer, which unfortunately expired at the end of August. So when they ran a 50% off promotion I decided to sign up for another year. 

The National Art Pass helps museums and galleries across the UK to buy art, but it also offers free entry to participating museums and galleries, half price on exhibitions (including those at the Tate, V&A and The British Museum) and you also receive invites to special art fund events. I already have a list of all the places I want to visit before the year is up!

I hope you all had a amazing summer break, whatever you did. 
It's good to be back!


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