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My London Fashion Week Favourites - S/S 2012

Because you really want to hear what another blogger thought about London Fashion Week.

I've never been a huge fan of Spring/Summer collections, I'm not a huge fan of summer in general - I love  jumpers, tights, boots, layers and cozy fabrics. In the warmer months all I want to do is walk around in maxi-dresses barefoot. That being said this year I have warmed a little to the summer collections, perhaps it's due to the fact that we had such a non-existent summer in the UK, that even I feel short-changed or perhaps it was that so many of my favourite 'autumnal' colours were used that it felt like A/W again (albeit with flimsier fabrics and no coats).

Roksanda Illincic
Look, all three of my favourite colours - hot pink, turquoise blue and mustard yellow! I'm not normally one for structured and minimal, but I think it's growing on me. Plus I want that entire pink look - hair and all!

There comes a point during 'fashion season' where you think you can pretty much predict what the rest is going to be like - colours, shapes, prints etc. And then Giles Deacon comes along in the middle of it and sort of says, "Well, actually I'm going to do this instead". That's what I like about Giles - the difference between collections and most importantly everyone else's collections. This one was apparently based on The Black Swan (swan images seen above and lots of plumage), but I thought it looked like The Snow Queen's summer wardrobe.

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Holly Fulton
 I don't know much about Holly Fulton, but according to the review on she "revels in bad taste" and "is a fan of the gauche". I think I may love her already.
"Fulton's latest collection was inspired by, as she explained, the idea of a woman who blows her vacation budget on clothes, and so instead of heading to Saint-Tropez, goes to the tacky English resort town of Margate." (

Mark Fast
When I worked at Topshop the first person I made friends with was doing a knitwear course at NTU, she was from rural Wales, grew up on a sheep farm (seriously) and loved wool. If you know how to make me a jumper, I will love you forever. Therefore, I inherently love Mark Fast, simply because of the fact that he's a knitwear designer and I have an incredible fondness for crochet (it reminds me of my Grandma).

Matthew Williamson
If there is such a thing as a fangirl for fashion, I crush hard on Matthew Williamson. I want to be his bff, I want him to decorate my house and we could travel to far off lands. I love his use of colour and I love that he's influenced by so many different cultures. MW 4EVA OMG!!!1!!

Topshop Unique
I always find Topshop a bit hit or miss for my tastes. I tend to hate their spring/summer collections, I loved the Autumn/Winter 2010 and 2009 collections, but hated their 2011 a/w collection (possibly a result of being quite emotionally invested in 101 Dalmatians). This s/s collection, eh, I don't vehemently hate it as much as I hated their previous s/s collections. The looks I did like though, I loved (all three of them), unsurprisingly - knitted details and bold prints.

Jaeger London
Six year old me would positively scoff at my inclusion of Jaeger, the hours spent waiting around for my mum to try things on in Jaeger, how could I?! 24 (almost) year old me appreciates the simple, classic pieces, the high quality and the bold colours. Also, look, a funny hat!

I'll go on record as saying this is my favourite Burberry collection for a while, which is I high praise considering you'd be hard pressed to find one I haven't liked. Of course I'm sure you aren't surprised I like this, it's positively Autumnal; but I also love the batik prints and the chunky beadwork. Not sure about these funny hats though.

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