Tuesday, October 11

I Like This Song: Charlene Soraia.

This cover of The Calling's 2001 hit song Wherever You Will Go, has been revisited by singer Charlene Soraia for the new Twinings Tea adverts. I have to say I did quite like the song when it first came out (10 entire years ago, insane), but I hadn't really listened to it since then. When I heard Charlene's version on the advert (prior to watching a YouTube video) it made me stop in my tracks, Charlene's voice and the slowed-down tempo have made an already beautiful song, even more-so. 

Wherever You Will Go is currently available on Itunes.


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  1. Thanks for sharing! That's a beautiful, poignant version of the song. The original version always makes me thing of that scene in Love Actually it's used in (not exactly the most poignant moment of that film:).


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