Thursday, October 13


(obviously the title is said in a Liverpool accent)

As you may have noticed from the fairly long absence, I am officially a full-time MA student. Which has so far meant early mornings, early nights, volunteer work and an onslaught of assignments, and I'm only in my second week! I must say that I'm enjoying it, a lot! Aside from two presentations in two weeks (not marked, thankfully), the scariest thing so far has been a field trip to Liverpool, prior to our first official week of teaching. Scary in the 'sharing a room with four people you barely know way'! Talk about throwing us in the deep end, but I think it worked; it was a gorgeous weekend and lots of fun!

Despite the fact that this was a learning weekend - analysing and critiquing Liverpool museum/gallery heritage sites - I managed to take a few pictures (albeit with my phone as both of my cameras are broken) to share with you!

Lady Lever Gallery in Port Sunlight
It's kind of a shame I only took a picture of the front of the building (it was the first place we visited and I was tired), because Port Sunlight is a beautiful village. You can read about Port Sunlight here and Lady Lever Gallery here.

(more pictures after the break)

 Crosby Beach
Home of Antony Gormley's 'Another Place' sculptures. There are 100 sculptures of the same size dotted across the beach, the amount you see of course depends on the time of the day. We went around 6.30pm (it was low tide) and we managed to wade into the sea and see a few - we also spotted a few heads over the tides being used as perches for seagulls! You can read more about 'Another Place' here.

My analysis was based on TATELiverpool so I thought I'd include a picture, this time of the side of the building. You can find out about TATELiverpool here.

Super Lambananas
Yeah. I'm still not sure what these are, not even sure if I like them, but there are quite a few around Liverpool Albert Docks, apparently (that is except the original one). You can read about them here.

(we also went to The Walker Art Gallery, The World Museum, The Maritime Museum and The Slavery Museum, Dunham Massey and The Museum of Liverpool, but I didn't want to subject you to more pictures of the front of buildings and signage/facilities)


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