Tuesday, January 10

On Display: An Introduction.

Oh look, this is new. 

I'm sure I've mentioned that I started a Masters in Museum and Heritage Management, last October. Since starting I've been trying to think of ways to incorporate what I'm learning on the course into my blog, rather than simply telling you that I'd been to a museum and taken lots of pictures of signs. I considered everything from, well, telling you that I'd been to a museum and taken lots of pictures of signs in my 'recently' posts to creating a whole other blog just for 'museum stuff', but that seemed a little bit ludicrous. So, I'm trying this. Granted I'm not sure what this will become, but I'm trying it.

I should probably start by giving you a little background about my course. As I said, I'm studying for a masters Museum and Heritage Management. At the moment it's quite heritage and history based, which although not my background (I stopped History after GCSE), it's quite exciting, if not occasionally a struggle; luckily I'm managing to tailor it to my interests. I'm having fun visiting museums and galleries that I've never visited, and revisiting those I have with fresh eyes. The workload is interesting, we're in two days a week and I volunteer once a week, but most of the rest of my time is spent doing work for class. Overall, I'm loving it a million times more than my undergrad, which honestly isn't difficult. I just can't wait for whatever comes next!

I've already had the chance to visit places and museums that I've never been to (LiverpoolCreswell CraggsErewash Museum ...) and hear some really interesting people speak.

(The photo above is My 'museum leaflet folder' filled with every leaflet and children's activity booklet I've picked up at a museum or gallery in the past few months.)

In an attempt to 'fill in the gaps' of stuff I'm not learning on the course or I suppose bolster my interests, I've been trying to attend a few art/fashion museum lectures, tours and talks. So if you can recommend any to attend please let me know!

I thought I'd share a couple of exhibitions I'm hoping to see in the coming months, again if you can recommend any to attend please let me know.

Savage Style: Costumes from Lily's Wardrobe at Liverpool Walker Gallery, 4th Nov 2011 - 19th Feb 2012

Yayoi Kusama at TATE Modern, 9th Feb 2012 - 5th June 2012

Artist Rooms: Andy Warhol at Sheffield Graves Gallery, 7th April 2012 - 1st Dec 2012


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