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Menswear Favourites (A/W 2012)

I know I've said it before, sometimes I find menswear collections more inspiring, than the women's collections. 

Womenswear styles are so, flighty. As Heidi Klum always tells us, "one day you're in, the next day you're out". Menswear, at least to an outside observer (meaning me), always seems a lot less 'skittish', a little more fluid; where womenswear jolts back and forth between styles and trends, always looking at what everyone else is doing, menswear seems to flow nicely. While some may suggest it's a bit monotonous - there's only so many ways you can wear a pair of trousers - I appreciate the consistency, but more than that I revel in the obvious creativity - there are a million ways you can wear, design and style a pair of trousers.

This is why I can't help but follow the menswear shows every year, so of course with the Milan and Paris menswear shows finishing recently, I had to share my favourites.

I've never really been fan of Acne's womenswear, whenever I hear the word Acne (of course, in a fashion context), I think of Alice Dellal, Alexa Chung, Pixie Geldof and the like - not my style at all. The menswear stuff, however, I sort of love. I'm very into a brightly colour-blocked pant this season (I am also very into Brad Goreski's show, where every item of clothing is singular - a shoe, a sock etc). I also love all the layering, particularly the cashmere twinset.

The inclusion of Burberry is sort of a given at this point, nevertheless, I love that the colours in this collection (although a darker hue), link to the women's Spring/Summer collection, and will no doubt link to the Autumn/Winter women's collection. As usual, gorgeous tailoring, gorgeous coats and gorgeous colours.

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These pictures really don't do this collection any justice, the detailing on those jackets (and shoes) is insane - incredibly intricate and beautiful. The collection as a whole reminded me of a Russian Tsar being transported into the prohibition age, with the woollen, pinstripe suits and bow ties, mixed with those embroidered military styled jackets, and jewel toned pyjamas to tie the two together.

More velvet, more jewel tones - do you see a theme emerging? Not that I'm complaining! I also love the heavy knits and the detailing on those weekend bags.

When looking through the collections, my first thought was who would look great walking the red carpet in this/that look. For this collection the first name to pop into my head was Ryan Gosling. Of course now I can't 'unsee' Ryan Gosling walking the red carpet in these looks, which honestly, isn't a bad thing.

Irritatingly self-assured, Cockney singer, Olly Murs has ruined hats for me, with all his singing and stuff. But, funnily enough, I don't hate these hats, at all. I actually think the hats add something to these (not necessarily boring) looks, in a 'put a hat on, it'll make you look a bit quirky' kind of way. I also really want that colour-blocked jumper.

I love Missoni print (despite the overkill that was their Target collection) - it's simple, understated and yet completely recognisable. I love the pairing of the Missoni print in this collection, with the small check - and of course there's the hint of jewelled and earthy  tones. Possibly my favourite collection of the season.

Firstly, why do men get all these big bags perfect for fitting kitchen sinks in, and we get itsy-bitsy clutch bags? It's not fair! I love the 70's influences, I know it doesn't get as much love as other decades, but for the styles and colours alone, I think I would've loved the 70's. I also get massive Sam Rockwell vibes from this collection, particularly from that last image - anyone else?

I don't know who Walter Van Beirendonck is, but this collection reminded me of X-Men, and for that I can not fault him. Rather than a celebrity walking the red carpet, I picture a really awesome mutant whose power is knowing how to effortlessly colour-block and mix and match patterns. Obviously, not that great a mutant, but fantastically dressed.

Men, if you take anything from this season's collections, you're probably going to learn how to colour block and to purchase a weekend bag and a velvet suit in time for next Autumn.

(all images via The Fashionisto)


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  1. My best pick for these collections are Hermes, Gucci and Burberry. But the most outstanding from my picks is the Gucci collection.

    Christina @ Men Solid Suits


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