Monday, February 20

On Display: Sheffield Museums

As I mentioned, I recently took another course visit, this time to the museums and galleries in Sheffield. I studied for my undergraduate at Sheffield Hallam, so I'm no stranger to Sheffield - I've visited, walked through and walked past the Millennium Galleries and Graves Gallery millions of times, although this was my very first visit to Weston Park Museum (which I actually forgot to take pictures of/at). 

The current, main visiting exhibition at Millenium Gallery is 'The Family in British Art', which literally considers the impact family has on British Art and artists. The exhibition is a collection of classic and contemporary art - sculpture, paintings, photography, drawings and media installations - giving a glimpse into family life, separated into five sections; inheritance, childhood, parenting, couples and kinship, and home. Unfortunately, I was unable to take pictures of my favourite pieces (a bit of a bugbear of mine, which I shall save for another post - so you'll have to excuse the pictures I have as they are taken with my phone). Although I was able to photograph what was my favourite part, the visitor contribution board. Sometimes, these can contain some interesting things, but a few of these (possibly as a result of the exhibition theme) were really quite sweet.

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We also went to Graves, which is just across the street from the Millennium Gallery, on the top floor of the Sheffield City Library. Graves is one of my favourite art galleries - I love the setting with art-deco fixtures and fittings, the mixture of contemporary and classic art and it's location makes it feel like a secret. The current temporary exhibition is 'BLK Art Group'.

At a time when the Conservative government was outspokenly anti-immigrant, the British National Party was on the rise and the Brixton riots were shaking London, the Blk Art Group emerged as a creative force in Britain. The artists in this movement responded to the crises in race relations both at home and overseas by making work which was defiant and thought-provoking.

Again, no pictures allowed, but I did manage to take pictures of a couple of pieces by Eduardo Paolozzi, which I was rather taken with, in the 'Abstraction and Art Now' gallery.

As always, it was fun visiting places I know so well with new, museum-y eyes and of course as places I've known so well I'd recommend that you plan a visit soon (and perhaps take a look at a few news articles regarding Sheffield's recent funding snub). 

A few more exhibitions you may want to take note of.

Support and Seduction at Snibston Discovery Park, Saturday 28th May 2011 - Sunday 13th May 2012

Style in Africa at Birmingham Museum, 31st March 2012 - 2nd September 2012


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  1. Going to museums and galleries are such a great way to spend your time! I have to start doing that more often :)


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